In an older version of Web Form Builder, I needed to put code between the tags of my webpage when manually exporting. Do I still need to do this?

Nope. If you still have this code in your webpage, it shouldn’t hurt anything, but you can remove it if you like.

Will non-english character sets work in Web Form Builder?

Yes, as long as mbstring is compiled into PHP. You can determine if this is installed by going to http:// and searching for mbstring. You can also contact your hosting provider directly to ask if mbstring is compiled into the PHP on your server. If you do not locate mbstring variables, you will need to contact your hosting provider to enable this setting.

Why aren’t my display rules being saved?

Most likely you are forgetting to click the Insert button. Unless you are typing or editing your rules directly in the display rule textbox, you must click the Insert button for your rule to be applied.

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