Did you know that you can create a guest book on your VSD-built website using a form built in Web Form Builder and the power of S-Drive Streams? Here's how it's done.

Step 1: Create Your VSD Website

You can either start from scratch, start from a theme, or use a website you've already built.

Step 2: Create Your Guest Book in Web Form Builder

You'll need to set up a little bit of behind-the-scenes email stuff in this section, so follow these steps closely.

  1. Create your form in Web Form Builder, including any fields you want to appear in the guestbook. It is highly recommended to use a Captcha box (found in the Form Options tab) so that you don't end up with Internet robots spamming your guestbook.

  1. Go to Settings > Email Notices. Check the box next to Notification message and put your personal email address in the "To:" field.

  1. Publish and test your form to ensure that it's working properly. When you get the notification email, look at the "From" address (not "Reply To:") and make a note of it.

  1. Go to your S-Drive Dashboard's Streams tab and click Stream Contributors on the right. In the field labeled New contributor email, enter the "From" address from the form notification email you received and click Save. Make a note of the email address in the upper paragraph that looks like this: post+[your S-Drive slug]@coffeecup.com.

  1. Go back to Settings > Email Notices in Web Form Builder. Replace your personal email address with the one shown in the upper paragraph of the last step in the "To:" field.

  1. Now you just need to make a few adjustments to the email that Web Form Builder sends. (We have to manually change this because the current HTML used in the software is not all fully supported in Streams.) While still in the Email Notices tab, click Configure email message in the Notification message section.
    • Subject: This will be the Stream post title. Adjust this to whatever you want to see as the post title in your Stream.
    • Body: Remove all the provided HTML. Using the drop-down menu next to "Insert data from", choose the "Name" property of the elements you wish to include in the guestbook post. If you don't want to each element individually. Basic HTML like tables, font color, font face, bold, italic and underline are supported. Format the text in the way you want it to appear.

  1. Save your form and click the Publish toolbar icon. This will open the Form Successfully Published! window.

Step 3: Embed Your Form in Your VSD Project

You'll need to place the code shown in the Form Successfully Published window into your VSD project and copy the form files to your VSD project's folder.

  1. Click the Copy to Clipboard button to copy all the code that will need to go into your VSD project.
  2. Switch over to VSD and click the the Add HTML button.

  1. Use this tool to drag and draw a box on your VSD webpage where you'd like the guest book to appear. This will open the "Insert HTML" window. Label the guestbook by entering a name in the HTML Object Name field, then paste the code into the text area below the Body HTML tab:

  1. Click OK and your object will be placed on your VSD webpage. Position it where you like, then click the Preview toolbar button to see it in action!

Step 4: Upload your VSD Project

Save your VSD project. You'll need to set up your S-Drive account within VSD if you haven't already done so. Go to Publish > CoffeeCup S-Drive Settings… to enter your CoffeeCup user name and password, and click Save.

Go to Publish > Choose a Publishing Destination, choose an address where your VSD project will be published, and click Save.

Click the Publish toolbar icon. When it's done, you can click View Website to see your site on the web!

Now when someone fills out the form, it'll post to your Stream as a guest book:

Enjoy your new guest book!