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S-Drive Storage

Marvelous File Management

Who says hosting files for easy sharing and backup has to be a pain? S-Drive Storage gives you all the options you need to get the job done without any of the clutter. Your files are shown in an easy-to-use layout—and you can access them from anywhere.

And if you’re still looking for something more traditional, our beloved Direct FTP transfers files to and from S-Drive. It’s an experience so smooth you'll be wishing you’d had it years ago.

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Direct FTP unlocks the full file system of your S-Drive account with a file manager you’ll love.

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Access Files from Anywhere
If you’ve got a browser handy, you can get to your files. Just log in from anywhere to manage your data.
Easily Link to Content
Embed files in a website, blog, or social network, or send download links directly to your friends and family.
Slick Interface
Who wants a boring file system? We’ve re-imagined file management for a layout that’ll flip yer wig.
Overview Storage
Manage content with a convenient toolbar located on every image, media, or web file.