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A Cozy Home for Your Websites

It’s never been easier to put your website online. Just sign in with your CoffeeCup account and upload with a single click. If you’re like the millions of others who struggle with FTP, you’ll be thrilled when you see that it just works.

S-Drive Site hosting is in tune with the best web apps around. Use our #1-rated Responsive Site Designer, or our award-winning HTML Editor, and your website can be online in seconds.

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Responsive Site Designer gives you the power to design/craft a full website without touching any code.

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There’s no charge to get started with S-Drive (for real!) Just choose your Site’s URL and start using it right away.
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Yep! Updating your site is just a click away, no matter if you’re at your desk, in the park, or on your phone.
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Your site will live on our burly server systems, managed by experts, dependable as your mother’s love.
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Publish with Responsive Site Designer; then visit your URL to see your website in action!