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S-Drive Forms

Smarter Web Forms

The latest Web Form Builder publishes to S-Drive with a single click, putting your form on the web, pronto. Just create your form, publish, and share it with the world—then dive into your results without configuring a thing.

Forms hosted on S-Drive are designed to be flexible: You can embed them in any webpage without having to upload files elsewhere. When it’s time to update the form, just publish again. Host 3 professional forms with us for $69.00 per year - 50 forms with UNLIMITED entries for $24.95 per month.

Works Great With

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Web Form Builder creates fantastic web forms in a snap. Try it for free:

for Windows for OS X
Automated Form Processing
Every time someone fills out your form, the results appear in your S-Drive Dashboard with no configuration necessary.
Master Control Panel
View all your forms at once in a sweeping overview. Check out the results or manage what’cha got.
Stats that Rock
See how many people view your form; then break it down even further to find out how many start and finish it.
Click a form to view a list of results; then click those results for the brass-tacks details.