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Our vision is a world where people can find different companions to make their workflow easier, no matter what their programming experience is. A place where anyone has the perfect opportunity to create something special.

Since 1996, we want to facilitate this process and make people’s working lives simpler, more pleasant and more productive.

We’ve put together our suite of software to capture the magic of programming, creating and designing by giving the necessary tools to get the most out of it.


Behind the


In order to produce our signature softwares and dynamic products that stand apart, we need a talented family. We value employees at all stages of their careers who bring different perspectives and experiences to CoffeeCup, but we value people who are there when we need help even more.

Let’s create something meaningful together.

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Hans Top

Chief Executive Officer

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Alberto Fernandez

Chief Technology Officer

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Mateo Carrasco

Creative Director

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Nacho Ingelmo

Senior Software Developer

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Suzanne Norvell

Sales & Marketing Manager

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Mike Dixon

Senior Software Developer

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Quique Dominguez


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Patricia Guerra

Office Manager