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Since 1996, our tools have helped thousands flourish on the web. From small business owners managing their web presence, freelancers and agencies impressing clients with stellar designs, to large enterprise teams crafting prototypes and building mobile friendly emails.

Your best editor is ours too

Code enthusiasts will enjoy our Free Editor. Though we would be thrilled if you would get the paid version! To show you how cool it is, you’ll get to sample all the power-packed features offered in the premium version for the first 21 days.

Free vs. Full HTML Editor

serious about Web Development? Our responsive Site Designer uses the power of CSS frameworks like Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4, Foundation, Materialize and Vanilla CSS. Learn all about these Frameworks in a visual way. Interested in learning CSS Grid too ? Just click the "Try now for free" button, and you can see for yourself how crisp and clean markup is created while your design spirits run free.

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Free Editor Theme and Code

Here are a few things that you will love about the Free HTML Editor.

Get started in seconds

You can create new HTML and CSS files from scratch or edit existing website files. It is also loaded with customizable responsive themes for sites, slide shows and HTML emails too that will help you jumpstart a new project.

Get Started In Seconds

Stay organized

A logical structure keeps things running smoothly and eliminates pesky issues like broken links and images. With that in mind, we designed Website Projects, a comprehensive workflow that gives you complete control over how your website is organized.

Manage Website Projects

Customizable Responsive Themes

With our HTML Editor, it is really easy to get a nice website working in a short amount of time. But it can be even faster if you use one of our templates.

Editor Themes

Do it right — Use The HTML Editor

Feature Comparison Chart


Standard Features



Create your own fully customizable toolbars

Comprehensive code completion - Suggests elements, attributes, and selectors

Over 30 included Responsive Customizable Themes and Layouts

Work effectively with plain text-to-HTML Markdown support

Build a stylish form using the built-in Form Items

Website projects help you keep your files and folders organized

Upload website via FTP/sFTP and other common protocols

Unlimited Connection
Single Connections

Automatically update content on all pages with the Components Library

Automatic coding. Drag images into the editor and its code is written automatically.

Using the Meta Data Generator, create keywords, descriptions, favicons and more

Preview in any browser and open the current file with just a click

Add fallback support for older browsers using one the 100’s of available Polyfills and JavaScripts

Toggle guide lines, gutters, word wrap, line numbers and more

Save selected text as a Snippet for later use

Need more space? Split Screen / External Previews gives you the ability to work across multiple screens.

Create custom CSS style sheets with the built-in Stylesheet Wizard

Quick and easy uploading by Syncing your websites with S-Drive

Doll up your code with our Custom Syntax Highlighting

Stuck on a word, use the Thesaurus and find a creative alternative one

Premium Features



(Functional for limited number of days)

Download any website from the server using the Open From Web option

21 Days

Drag-n-drop to add structured data with our Schema Resource Tab

21 Days

HTML and CSS Validation tools to keep your pages compliant

21 Days

Need a table fast, the Quick Table generator does all the work in a jiffy!

22 Days

Seamlessly insert links to files, images and URL's

23 Days

Using Site Spider, benchmark your website against others and compare the results

23 Days

With Code Cleaner, perform automated cleanup tasks on your markup

24 Days

Verify that all your project resources are correctly linked and uploaded with the Website Project Dependencies tool.

24 Days

Define fonts, styles and sizes with fallbacks using Font Wizard

25 Days

Hundreds and hundreds of entities to choose from within the Characters Library

26 Days

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and more, all at your fingertips within the Tag Library

27 Days

Create and modify the HTML Tag markup adding your own attributes and values

27 Days

The Check Spelling tool keeps your page free of typos

28 Days

Create tables using HTML or CSS with the Table Designer

28 Days

Want to try before you buy? Download a 28-Day trial and experience everything the HTML Editor has to offer.

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