CoffeeCup Customer Stories

  • Nick C.

    “CC and RSD has been a lifesaver for me, enabling me to create a website with extreme capabilities that without any code, I can change the design and content of, all by my 71 year old self! Everything is so intuitive, and together with the almost instant tech help to get by those little learning bumps, you have an incredible product and service.”
    Nick C.

  • Urs M.

    “You are a brilliant team I have never experienced such efficient support especially in an online support room. Cheers to all of you at Coffee Cup I would be buying you all bouquets of flowers and a few beers if I were closer haha thanks again, very very much appreciated. Keep up the good work!!”
    Urs M.

  • James B.

    “Your company has the greatest customer service. You are second to none!”
    James B.

  • David D.

    “Dear Coffeecup team ….. I just want to say thank you for the brilliant RSD. I am new to the world of web design, html and css, but your product has enabled me to get on with designing. I think this is the best application I have used; it is simple to create some stunning sites with the minimum of technical knowledge … and what a time saver! Thank you once again, you guys rock!”
    David D.

  • David N.

    “I love this software. It's so cool that you've enabled me to easily design and create my own forms, meaning I no longer need to pay a coder to make the back end work.”
    David N.

  • Paul B.

    “I built a new site for our company and your menu builder made it great to navigate. Your html software and SEO checker, enabled me to make it fully html5 & css compliant and error free. It is in top position in Google as a result. We may not even have to advertise in magazines this season saving us $100's.”
    Paul B.

  • Booth K.

    “Coffeecup may be the best service oriented business I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. The product line actually speaks for itself, but service beyond the sale is the heart and soul of any enterprise. Kudos to you and the staff.”
    Booth K.

  • Gregory V.

    “Coffee Cup offers some of the best web design tools on the planet. For that I want to say thank you. You have made my work much easier. I think your RWD Layout Maker will help increase the number of responsive website and make things much easier for designers and developers. With how huge smart phones and mobile devices it's a shame so many websites are not mobile ready. So it's great to see tools like Layout Maker.”
    Gregory V.

  • Grahame M.

    “I must say, after using two of your products, Menu Builder & Form Builder in the last few weeks I have been extremely impressed not only with the software which is a knock-out, the customer care, which is both speedy friendly and super efficient but also the supporting documentation (which is of the up most importance to users) that you provide on your site. Someone goes to great pains to deliver that support in a wonderful friendly way. All in all I have never seen a business model like it that keeps both sides happy for a change.”
    Grahame M.

  • Morley C.

    “The deeper I get into Web Form Builder the more impressed I become at the depth and elegance of your software.”
    Morley C.

  • Richard W.

    “Not only do you guys have the best software out there for every level of web designer, but you also have the absolute, hands-down, nobody in any industry even comes close to it tech support and customer service. It's a pleasure. . .”
    Richard W.

  • Matt R.

    “Okay I normally don't post about how good programs are or software, but Website Insight has got to be in my top 3 programs. There are endless amounts of features that you can accomplish with this software just by clicking a button. I'm being real man this is revolutionary and I don't think people get the idea of all of the features guys, like when I seen website insight, I just thought , oh well it's another stat counter program. It's NOT, it's BETTER than any other program i've used to track my own personal website.”
    Matt R.

  • John M.

    “I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product! I needed to replace an aged FrontPage site because most all hosting companies are taking down their FP support. I really did not want to go with an editor but no WYSIWYG program would create simple HTML files. My wife created a CSS and a template HTML page for me using Dreamweaver and I was able to rebuild my entire site far better than it had been using your Direct FTP. It was exactly what I needed. Probably could have used the HTML Editor instead but I only do one site every 10 years, give or take, so I thought to try this first. It worked perfectly for my needs. Thanks for doing such a great program at such a reasonable price.”
    John M.

  • Megan S.

    “ I'd been struggling with logging in to any FTP client on my windows 8 machine, and after installing and uninstalling about 5 other programs, I looked through the troubleshooting guide for your FTP client which I had just downloaded, and finally found a page that explained everything without either going over my head, or oversimplifying it. After two hours of banging my head against a wall, I can finally get something done. Thanks for providing such an awesome FTP client, and nicely written documentation to go along with it! :)”
    Megan S.

  • William V.

    “I gotta tell you, I hired a "designer" to create a site for one of our companies, thinking maybe he'd do a better job than I was able to do myself. Well, 3 months later, I've fired him and went back to Coffee Cup and redesigned the site myself! It's much better! With the ease of use and your helpful support, quickly and conveniently, I am able to keep complete control, and fix any problems, make additions, updates, etc. whenever I'd like! You guys are the best!”
    William V.

  • Jason E.

    “Web Form Builder has made my life infinitely easier, I create 20-30 forms a week with it and now save myself over a hundred hours every month.”
    Jason E.

  • Mark G.

    “I give Coffee Cup a 10 for after sales service. If ever I could recommend a company for service of the highest order it is this company. Thanks for all your help guys.”
    Mark G.

  • Rory C.

    “ I am an independent businessman without the budget for a web designer. Coffee Cup permitted me to build a professional looking site myself. I'm very proud of it. When people ask who did it, I say "I did, but I couldn't have done it without Coffee Cup software".”
    Rory C.

  • Len W.

    “Web Form Designer is a terrific piece of software that is elegant, simple and customizable for just about any need. My hat is off to you for creating the exact standalone forms creation tool I needed so that I can host my clients' sites on their servers and not have to pay a monthly fee for form hosting.”
    Len W.

  • Rodney B.

    “I've been using Frontpage for the last 10 - 12 years and was so frustrated with that program I wanted to pull my hair out. I tried Blue Voda, Wordpress and frankly didn't like them. Then I found Coffeecup. Man, what a blessing. I put my site together in 2 short nights. Still have lots of stuff to add but Coffeecup is soooooo easy to use.”
    Rodney B.

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