CoffeeCup Customer Stories

  • Yuma S.

    “I just purchased the animation studio and I really like how easy it is to create animations. Thanks for another great product!”
    Yuma S.

  • Richard P.

    “Using the forms software today and love it - Dreamweaver can go into the bin now. I love the modular approach to your software. Each module is simple to use and very customisable and when you put it all together it makes beautiful websites. by by Dreamweaver !!!!”
    Richard P.

  • Robert D.

    “First of all Both the Shopping Cart Creator Pro and Shopping Cart Designer Pro are both tight and well designed programs. I fully expected to find glitches in the system. It appears you have really tested your system for every bug or glitch, because I have not experienced one. Your program is solid. I was using Zen Cart and Shopping Cart Creator Pro is so much better. I forced myself to learn your program and learned it in just a few days. I am still in the learning process. Anyway thumbs up to such a solid program with great value.”
    Robert D.

  • David S.

    “Image Mapper is so easy to use, I think it's an application that CC should push heavily to be honest. It makes creating an image map a true pleasure. I've used it many times before and I love it as it's just so easy to use.”
    David S.

  • Richard E W.

    “Your LockBox is far and above all I have used before.”
    Richard E W.

  • Johnny K.

    “GREAT PRODUCT and I built forms like I've never done before... they were wonderful! I had your old Flash version of the forms product and thought that was pretty cool... this just blows that out of the water! Best $69 spent ever!”
    Johnny K.

  • Martina S.

    “After updating my Animation Studio into the newest version (2.1 build 141), I must say I love this new video-2-gif feature! Had a lot of fun with it! Thank you for this nice program!”
    Martina S.

  • Rick M.

    “You get 5 star support! Direct support from CC plus a forum that is loaded with friendly folks that are willing to help even if it is just to give their opinion on the website you have created. Plus, you only have to purchase the software once. The software comes with free upgrades for life! You can't beat that. CC backs what they sell... They are not just selling software.... Customer service, support it's all great. When I had issues with one of the FTP programs, I talked off and on with a live support person until we figured out it was not the software but my web hosting provider. CC helped me talk with them to figure out the cause and the fix. CC goes above and beyond the normal standard of customer service. Hope this helps. The only time I buy software that is not CC is if CC doesn't make it.”
    Rick M.

  • Mike B.

    “I am a web developer and Direct FTP is one of my favorite tools. I do a lot of WordPress websites, which necessitates editing the style.css file on these sites as well as often tweaking some of the themes' PHP files. The online editor in Direct FTP, with it's Undo and Redo has saved my bacon on many occasions. Also, working with WordPress requires uploading plugin files, and again, frequently needing to tweak the CSS for the plugins. Direct FTP allows me to work on these websites with the same tool. When use with Firefox Firebug, it's a powerful combination. I can make a change with Direct FTP, save and see the results immediately! Firebug lets me zoom in on the specific structures that need styling changes. Keep making this fine software better.”
    Mike B.

  • Divemaster K.

    “GREAT PROGRAMS. I have been using CoffeeCup products for a number of years. Any problems, contact the guys & the problem will be sorted. Possibly the friendliest company, selling top quality software at the best possible prices on the www. This might sound like an advert, it is not, it is one very happy customer wishing to share his good fortune with other people.”
    Divemaster K.

  • Lisa K.

    “ I love your company's "vib" plus how easy it is to use your software!”
    Lisa K.

  • Joseph N.

    “Why on earth would a web programmer use anything else except CoffeeCup? (whoever answers that needs to go download the HTML Editor and Image Mapper)!”
    Joseph N.

  • Brie N.

    “As a long time CoffeeCup HTML Editor user, I have to say the S-Drive has been a revelation, I can't wait to see what you come up with next.”
    Brie N.

  • Jessica G.

    “I had a minor problem and got help from customer service really fast! They fixed my problem within about an hour of my first "I NEED HELP" email. Thanks Coffee Cup!”
    Jessica G.

  • Paul N.

    “Your service and support have been superb. As a new designer, I don't know what I would have done without your help and support. There were many choices out there for site creation software and I consider myself to be very lucky to have chosen you, as my primary software provider.”
    Paul N.

  • P F M.

    “I just wanted to say thank you. The software is superb and easy to use, but on top of that, the real difference has been the support which has been provided by the team. I deal with many companies and services internationally and the level of service provided to has been beyond my expectations. The replies have been prompt and the information provided has always answered my query clearly. I'm really impressed and would recommend this software to anyone, not only because the software is user great for all levels of web designers, but because the support is excellent.”
    P F M.

  • Scott B.

    “By the way, I forgot to tell you how AMAZING I think the Visual Site Designer is. It was so nice to use a program and not have to guess how to do something and for things to actually WORK when I added them!! It was so easy to use - love, love, love it! You wouldn't believe the hell I had to go through with the old company to just add a Google map to my site. You guys rock! :)”
    Scott B.

  • George F.

    “Congratulations!! You succeeded in making a perfect new program! The other day I bought the new web form builder and I must say it is easy to use!”
    George F.

  • Terri S.

    “I consider CoffeeCup my lucky charm. I struggled so, until I found Visual Site Designer and the help of the customer tech team at CoffeeCup.”
    Terri S.

  • Peter C.

    “I take the opportunity to congratulate you (at Coffee Cup) for a fantastic achievement in business that I have to say from what I have seen so far is very finely run as a great combination of high quality service with great products for which people do have choice to pay in smaller chunks which is great. Most importantly!!!! Coffee Cup is the only one within my current journey that it took no time at all to trust and feel welcomed. This is an achievement that is extremely hard to achieve within environment of hackers, corrupted websites...worlds.”
    Peter C.

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