CoffeeCup Customer Stories

  • Sara M.

    “Your easy-to-use software has helped me keep my Website up-to-date. I really appreciate the quick turnaround times for e-mail support requests. Last year when I had to reinstall my entire system and needed my CoffeeCup serial number, your support department answered my e-mail almost immediately, allowing me to get back up and running again in no time! Thank you, CoffeeCup!”
    Sara M.

  • Karsten Haut C.

    “I've been using CoffeeCup HTML Editor for ages, and it's still my favorite tool for designing our Intranet pages. Being one of those guys who like full control over every character in the source code, CoffeeCup HTML Editor has saved me weeks of working time by releasing me of all the repetitive annoyances of HTML design. As my main job is the Intranet, I can't let you have a link to my work, but our company Website at also contains code that was generated with your tool. Recently I bought CoffeeCup's book "My Website is Better Than Yours" as a perfect present for an HTML newbie, and found that the latter chapters are worth reading even for more experienced people like me. It's also quite entertaining. I have been in contact with CoffeeCup Software's support only twice, and got quick and helpful responses from them. I also like the frequent updates that helped over the first glitches in the 2005 version when it was brand new - all problems were solved very quickly. CoffeeCup gets 4.8 out of 5 possible stars from me for overall performance. Keep on like you're doing now!”
    Karsten Haut C.

  • Mike B.

    “Each successive offering from CoffeeCup makes life easier - and sites more effective. When I get the chance, I'm sure I can design a site using nothing but CoffeeCup software.”
    Mike B.

  • Howard M.

    “I am a Web designer living in Hampshire, England. My first experience was a couple of years ago with your GIF Animator - which I still use pretty much every day, in preference to the big company offerings out there. Your Password Wizard saved me a lot of trouble last year, and is the simplest way of providing user group security for non-critical data. I recently downloaded your Free DHTML Menu Builder, and am amazed that you can offer such a powerful piece of software for free! The icing on the cake for me is the Google SiteMapper! I now have a stream of inquiries asking me to do Google sitemaps for other designers! Whenever a client asks me for something I haven't done before, I go first to CoffeeCup to find a software solution.”
    Howard M.

  • Steve T.

    “Having used Web Form Builder now for many varied applications, I find it an absolute dream to use. Very easy, and yet one can make it very pictorial and visually stimulating to look at. No HTML to do, and the features are so simple to use even I managed it. A great product.”
    Steve T.

  • Guy P.

    “Thanks for producing such an easy-to-use tool. Love "My Website is Better Than Yours", I am reading it now, this will hopefully lead to a better Website design. I've done a couple of Websites, including one for my mum (; she is a marriage celebrant. I tried four different packages until I found CoffeeCup Software (Visual Site Designer) as a demo with an Australian computer magazine. It was the most intuitive, easy to use, and easy to update. It was so good, I bought a license straight away. Then I needed to get a very simple site up and running quickly, and it took less than 30 minutes to publish on the Web. Everything is so easy and intuitive. Everyone can use these tools, from the novice Web designer to top-end designers. Great products, great team. The book is a great read too, excellent reference, and a good insight into the company culture. Keep up the good work.”
    Guy P.

  • Kevin S.

    “I use the CoffeeCup tools to ensure I have enough time on my weekends to ride my bike. I have tried other editors and tools that seem to need a science degree in coding, but not with the CoffeeCup range of tools. Why not grab some freedom too and enjoy your time, not be a slave to the code?”
    Kevin S.

  • Robert T.

    “The best HTML editing tool I have used. I have been using CoffeeCup since 2001. I must say that I am truly impressed with the quality of this product. I am even more impressed with the continuity of its development! CoffeeCup provides incredible power and flexibility that keep pace with other expensive software, but also provides laymen with more tools, capabilities, and ease of use than any other product that I have seen in the market. This product makes it easy to write your Webpage in minimal time, and at the same time allows you to upload the Webpages onto a Website. In short, based on my experience, you won't find a software in the market that provides you with (1) Years of free upgrades; (2) No time or password lock/control on usage; (3) Years of free e-mail notifications and updates; (4) Years of unlimited support; (5) Friendly support team (you e-mail, you get the answer); (6) Small download, big feature; (7) Relatively low price; (8) Easy to get up and go; and (9) Best value for money.”
    Robert T.

  • Jarl E.

    “I really like Firestarter. Firestarter is really easy to use. Compared to Macromedia Flash, you are up and running in a few minutes. Great software for small bucks! I highly recommend it!”
    Jarl E.

  • Christopher A.

    “CoffeeCup HTML Editor is a great program. The instructions are easy for someone new to HTML to learn the process of Webpage building.”
    Christopher A.

  • Manfred H.

    “I'm using your amazing software almost every day here in Germany. I'm using CoffeeCup Firestarter to create fabulous Website intros and animated banners for my customers.”
    Manfred H.

  • Marc A.

    “The love story between my company and CoffeeCup Software began when I dropped my previous software in the trash (you know the software from the big, rich guy B.G.) because it was screwing my PHP code inside my Webpages. From there I knew that I needed real, professional software that was open to all existing ways of coding a Webpage. When I started to use HTML Editor and Firestarter, I liked the simplicity and versatility. It's fast to load, and it's easy to maintain many Websites with these pieces of software. I was so impressed when I tried these with the trial version that I bought the complete set (Big Cup). And this is so cheap to buy that I don't crack my head calculating the R.O.I. I've maintained the Website with CoffeeCup software for a couple of years, and I am still satisfied with the software and the support from the CoffeeCup team.”
    Marc A.

  • Karen T.

    “After banging my head against a wall for *months* of marginally successful work and frustration with Macromedia Flash, I heard about CoffeeCup and their nifty little Flash Firestarter program. Voila! I stopped having to fake my citizenship in Macromediaville and instead joined the ranks of folks actually creating useful stuff - in my case, for an educational website that I'm developing. CoffeeCup saved the day with their user-friendly, intuitive interface. Thanks to CoffeeCup, our students are already enjoying and learning from the interactive site I've been able to build.”
    Karen T.

  • Jud N.

    “I came upon CoffeeCup software back in 1997 and have been a loyal customer ever since. Their customer service is by far the best, and their products and free updates make doing my work a lot easier and a lot more fun. Thanks CoffeeCup - you guys and gals are awesome!”
    Jud N.

  • Alex K.

    “I've used CoffeeCup Direct FTP for several years now. As a "weekend Webmaster," I've built and run several sites, and I find CoffeeCup products easy to learn and easy to use. Customer support has always been a pleasant experience, and honestly, I just like the whole corporate approach. Great products, great company... in fact, I wouldn't mind working for you :-)”
    Alex K.

  • Bertin R.

    “I use the CoffeeCup HTML Editor, and I like it a lot. The CoffeeCup team has created really user-friendly software. Lucky me, since I am better with bows and arrow than computers... :)”
    Bertin R.

  • Ron H.

    “I do several Websites and tried many HTML editors early on, but once I discovered CoffeeCup's HTML Editor, my life was made so much easier. It was almost unbelievable! My search for the perfect software stopped with CoffeeCup! I would never think of building another Website or updating the existing ones without making sure it was with CoffeeCup Software!”
    Ron H.

  • Justin K.

    “I am the Webmaster of Without CoffeeCup Software, I definitely would not be able to have a site like I do. Thank you, CoffeeCup.”
    Justin K.

  • Hazel B.

    “I downloaded the free version of Flash Form Builder to ascertain if it contained the components I needed as a Website developer to create various types of forms for Websites and to save me valuable programming time. After creating my first sample form, I discovered not only did it contain the components I was looking for (Flash, HTML, and PHP), but it also generates a database. Awesome! I immediately purchased and downloaded the full version. Thank you, CoffeeCup!”
    Hazel B.

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