CoffeeCup Customer Stories

  • Ross A.

    “I bought CoffeeCup Image Mapper a few years ago, and I haven't needed to touch another one since. It's great!”
    Ross A.

  • Debra P.

    “Just recently I went to a new machine. As you know, you reassess what will be loaded and what will be left behind. As a Web professional, I had been using the FTP software that is considered to be the industry standard. Well, I thought to myself, why not try something new? Right under my nose (being a big CoffeeCup user since 1998) was CoffeeCup Direct FTP. I cannot and will not look back. Thanks for the new industry standard in my world.”
    Debra P.

  • Anthony W.

    “I've been using CoffeeCup GIF Animator for over a year now, and of all the other GIF animator software available, I think CoffeeCup is the best! It's really easy to use, and my GIF animation files always come out looking great! CoffeeCup also has great support whenever I need it. Thanks!”
    Anthony W.

  • Earl R.

    “During the past 10 years, I have used CoffeeCup software in designing my Websites. Actually the first one had CoffeeCup menu buttons. I am still using three programs. I am 83 years old. Congratulations CoffeeCup, for your fine software.”
    Earl R.

  • Sandra G.

    “I wanted to learn how to make movie cards so badly (some were so beautiful), but I don't have any training on the computer. I scoured the Internet for programs for a novice and found CoffeeCup. I learned how to use Firestarter on my own with CoffeeCup's tutorial. That gave me a lot of confidence, so I started to learn another program and began computer painting. I now have a Website (which was a huge challenge) full of movie cards made with my paintings, and they all have been made with CoffeeCup's Firestarter! Thanks, CoffeeCup!”
    Sandra G.

  • Alexander Paul D.

    “I bought Google SiteMapper software in a very early state, and there was a little hiccup with a dot and a comma that presented itself in Europe. Just try to identify this problem when you're not a programmer. Now try to imagine the other side (CoffeeCuppers). All the ingredients for a conflict that will end in frustration for both sides. Now, before the programmer resolved the problem with great persistence and lucidity, there was this moment that lasted a while where no one could perceive the final outcome. Right there, you could notice and feel the professionalism and kindness of this support group. Everything was checked out or tried, and even the administration helped out by changing a username. Very unusual to be helped with the intent to tackle the problem instead of the phony "keep-the-customer-satisfied" placebos that drive you mad. I think that they are listening and not only hearing, and are capable of seeing instead of only looking.”
    Alexander Paul D.

  • Paul B.

    “I initially purchased your HTML Editor software way back in March 1999 when I was studying computer science at university, now named Charles Darwin University. I needed some nifty piece of software that would help me generate some HTML code, and after searching the Web, found that your software was the best around. At that time, version 6.2 of the HTML Editor was available. I really liked the ability to download a free copy for limited use. After using it, I realized it really did suit my needs, so I purchased a copy online. No regrets at all! It is also just fantastic that you provide unlimited updates, so I always have the latest version running on my PC. I have since spoken with lecturers and other students about what software they use, and was amazed to find out they too were using CoffeeCup software. In summing up, I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and your whole team for creating great software. I have recently taken over the administration of a sporting association's Website, and although I have inherited the design, I intend to use your HTML Editor software to make improvements galore.”
    Paul B.

  • Lynn S.

    “CoffeeCup is the one I send everyone who is thinking about designing their own Website. Being a CoffeeCup addict for quite some time, I love the ease of the programs - even dummies like me can figure it out, and if I can't, the "techies" are always there to help and are really great about it! Another great feature is the free upgrades! What other company do you know that comes out with better program design and doesn't charge you more for the upgrade? Though my Website needs upgrading badly, when I do get some time, having a cup of joe on my computer screen as well as a latte on my desktop will make for a better site! Thank you for having such great software.”
    Lynn S.

  • Glenaki T.

    “CoffeeCup Software is addictive! Once you start using it, you can't stop!”
    Glenaki T.

  • James L.

    “I have enjoyed CoffeeCup Firestarter software for several years. It has allowed me to create dynamic Flash movies in just minutes. Thanks guys (and gals), and keep making it better.”
    James L.

  • Guy-Paul P.

    “I tell you, I was on the verge of giving up until I found CoffeeCup!”
    Guy-Paul P.

  • Sunny D.

    “I use CoffeeCup HTML Editor, and it is the cream in my coffee. It is user-friendly, and I couldn't survive without it! I create both personal and business Websites. Thank you, CoffeeCup, for your outstanding service and support.”
    Sunny D.

  • Gottfried M.

    “I have been using CoffeeCup software since 1998. Your programs have been helpful when creating outstanding Websites :-)”
    Gottfried M.

  • Mustafa A.

    “Well, I got started with CoffeeCup when I needed a viewer and tried out your free Image Viewer. I've been using it for years. Basically I work with images a lot, and I help people design small Websites. I use CoffeeCup's Firestarter for all my Flash presentations. It's a great little program for those of us who don't want to spend a lot of time learning a really complicated program.”
    Mustafa A.

  • Helge W.S. S.

    “I think CoffeeCup Software (I use Visual Site Designer, PixConverter, Direct FTP, and Firestarter) is the coolest thing ever dreamed up since iced tea!!!”
    Helge W.S. S.

  • DouGreyson L.

    “CoffeeCup HTML Editor is a bipolar dream. I get all the shortcuts that make my life faster and easier without relinquishing any of the control I freak over. It helps me produce Web work exactly the way I design it, with no compromising. I try the other stuff, but I come back to CoffeeCup every time.”
    DouGreyson L.

  • Lowell G.

    “CoffeeCup makes me look good! The powerful components of the programs let me create a professional-looking Website for my company! Thanks!”
    Lowell G.

  • Joe R.

    “I purchased CoffeeCup and started learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on a Friday evening, and the WYSIWYG editor allowed me to come up to speed in record time. By the end of that very weekend, I had a fully functional Website up and running... with no prior Web development experience. The software works great. The site is less than one month in operation, and I think it rivals (actually exceeds) my competitions' sites hands down. Thank you for putting together such a great product.”
    Joe R.

  • Tom A.

    “CoffeeCup Software has made my life so much easier in my studio. I FTP all over the world, and to use a product (Direct FTP) that is so easy to use, yet powerful, has made my job so much easier. Firestarter has also helped me in marketing by assembling fairly complex Flash animations in no time at all. Keep the products coming!”
    Tom A.

  • David P.

    “I built a Website with CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer, and it couldn't have been easier! People are always asking where I got it done. They are shocked when I tell them I did it at home. The best part is, the upkeep is free.”
    David P.

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