CoffeeCup Customer Stories

  • Carl M.

    “I used your HTML Editor and Direct FTP products to build my personal scuba page in just one afternoon. The software was as easy as a leisurely dive on a tropical reef. Looking forward to enhancing my pages with StyleSheet Maker and Image Mapper.”
    Carl M.

  • Seth A.

    “CoffeeCup Password Wizard has been a great tool, enabling us to embed some great security features into our site. Typically we'd have to hire a developer to do the coding, but with CCPW, everything we needed was right there as part of the software.”
    Seth A.

  • William W.

    “CoffeeCup Web Form Builder was exactly what I needed for several missions Websites that I maintain. Since I am a designer rather than a developer, I am form-challenged, to say the least. Web Form Builder has given me a tool to create forms in minutes... and they work without spending days tweaking. Thanks for making my life much, much easier - not to mention, I look like a genius to my customers.”
    William W.

  • Clover W.

    “Two years ago, I didn't know how to save to disk. I've had a lot of practice since then, but I'm still amazed that I was able to create and maintain my own Website. I would have paid thousands to a professional Web designer for the results I have obtained with CoffeeCup! Thank you so much!”
    Clover W.

  • Rob S.

    “I use CoffeeCup FTP and have had no problems uploading files and folders to servers. It is easy to follow, and the newer version makes the whole process a dream. Well done, CC.”
    Rob S.

  • Theda F.

    “Thank you CoffeeCup for making great software!”
    Theda F.

  • Franky G.

    “Before you start spending lots of money on software to create Flash effects for your Website, consider CoffeeCup's Flash Firestarter. We at bought software from CoffeeCup before, and with Flash Firestarter we were not disappointed. There's the good price in combination with good quality. Plus, it's easy to use. A few clicks of the mouse to add the graphics and to select one or more of the more than 65 built-in, ready-to-use effects, and the result looks professional on our Website; just what we need at”
    Franky G.

  • Brian J.

    “Here it is. What do I do now? Guess I'll build a Website with my new CoffeeCup Software.”
    Brian J.

  • Brian C.

    “I have been using CoffeeCup Software in my company site ( since the HTML Editor first came out, and I have been very impressed with the way they have expanded in leaps and bounds and expanded to other types of programs that work incredibly and are easy to use and navigate. The support team has always been courteous and forthcoming to any questions sent them.”
    Brian C.

  • Arthur M.

    “CoffeeCup MP3 Ripper & Burner made converting my audio files to MP3s a breeze! It even auto-detects the names of my songs so I don't have to go through and manually rename each file! Thanks, CoffeeCup!”
    Arthur M.

  • Chris C.

    “CoffeeCup has taken my Website from amateur to professional in every sense.”
    Chris C.

  • William T.

    “I think very highly of your software and believe that you could become another Intuit. Programs are reasonably priced and easy to use. I am a big fan of your company.”
    William T.

  • George L.

    “Back in the '90s, I purchased the CoffeeCup HTML Editor. Since then I have purchased about two dozen programs from CoffeeCup Software. My two favorites are Direct FTP and Flash Firestarter. On our personal site, each page is a Flash Firestarter movie placed on a basic black HTML page. Our new commercial site,, is still in the beta stage while we perfect the ad copy. However, when the site is officially launched, the pages will be created with Flash Firestarter and HTML Editor. Then they will be uploaded with Direct FTP. CoffeeCup Software is a great company. Their customer service is speedy and very helpful. The software is reasonably priced - I'd pay more, but I'm glad that I don't have to.”
    George L.

  • Wendy P.

    “I've been using CoffeeCup Software for years and love it. I bought the Big Cup option because I use most of the software. I'm partial to Direct FTP and Firestarter, which are great and easy to use. I also use the HTML Editor and even bought the book My Website is Better than Yours - it's great reading. I manage a simple running Website for the Boreal Club, which is a Montreal-based running club.”
    Wendy P.

  • Robb A.

    “I've been using CoffeeCup software for years and continue to use and recommend it, because it is consistently easy to install, easy to use, inexpensive, and it works! Imagine that - cheap software that works. I love it, and I wish CoffeeCup continued success.”
    Robb A.

  • Andrew H.

    “Bring an end to boring Websites! Stand apart from the crowd! Use CoffeeCup Software!”
    Andrew H.

  • Dave S.

    “I use a variety of CoffeeCup products - Form Builder and Password Wizard would be my favorites. They are simple and effective programs that have played a vital role in helping me develop my Web presence.”
    Dave S.

  • Reinhard L.

    “I have been using CoffeeCup HTML Editor for more than seven years. It's been such a long time, I almost can't remember. But I remember that this was the first and only HTML Editor I could understand. It was very easy to build my first Webpages. And now, I am in a professional job having to do with programming in HTML. Many thanks to the CoffeeCup Team! I found my profession with you.”
    Reinhard L.

  • Monte J.

    “While I am not a Webmaster, CoffeeCup Software lets me pretend that I am. I still can't believe I get free upgrades!”
    Monte J.

  • Dept O.

    “I am the Webmaster for DCRA government site. I have been using CoffeeCup HTML Editor ever since you released it. It keeps on getting better and better after every release. I wouldn't use anything else.”
    Dept O.