CoffeeCup Customer Stories

  • Richard W.

    “I began my first homepage efforts with a very basic WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. That was several years ago, when homepages were rather primitive and the editors were also primitive in what they offered compared to today. I soon came to the conclusion that relying on WYSIWYG was a mistake. I was lost when I had to look at my code to make minor changes, and soon realized I knew nothing about HTML. I spent a period of time learning this new language and investigated and used some of the other more sophisticated editors. One day I stumbled upon the CoffeeCup homepage and their HTML Editor. The name intrigued me, and I downloaded and tried the shareware version. It didn't take long before I knew that this was the HTML editor for me.”
    Richard W.

  • Doug C.

    “My colleagues spent a few hundred dollars on a Web design package. I laugh knowing that I purchased CoffeeCup HTML Editor at a fraction of the price with all the functionality I need.”
    Doug C.

  • Jody T.

    “Use the one you think is best! :) I've been using CoffeeCup for a long time, and still love it!”
    Jody T.

  • Samantha P.

    “Every morning with my coffee cup, I open my CoffeeCup and get to work.”
    Samantha P.

  • Rich C.

    “I love my CoffeeCup HTML Editor. It's so easy to use and makes Website design easy as one, two, three.”
    Rich C.

  • Sharon P.

    “I use CoffeeCup StyleSheet Maker. It has greatly helped me to understand CSS and how extremely useful it can be in Web design. I love it!”
    Sharon P.

  • Raymond L.

    “The CoffeeCup programs are awesome, easy, and fun to use. It has made doing Webpages and things so much easier and fun. Thanks, CoffeeCup - keep up the good work.”
    Raymond L.

  • Charles N.

    “I am an artist. Several years ago my wife and a friend talked me into putting my work on a Website of my own. After checking around I decided that I could not afford to have a professional put my site up for me. Very painfully, I did get a rudimentary site up (with the help of the tech at my hosting company) using the free tools available to me... and then downloaded every trial version of HTML editing software I could find. Of the group, CoffeeCup HTML Editor was the easiest for me to learn and use, so I have been a satisfied customer ever since. I also have your Direct FTP, Firestarter, and Visual Site Designer. I just recently downloaded your latest HTML Editor, and like it very much. My site keeps improving a bit each year, and I credit that to your software.”
    Charles N.

  • Graham B.

    “I use your software and find it at a level of complexity that suits my level of expertise and therefore meets my needs, which is good.”
    Graham B.

  • Mark H.

    “I first found CoffeeCup HTML Editor what seems like ages ago. I was hooked. I loved the development environment (I know, buzzword) that allowed me to see, really see, where I had messed up! Whether it was a typing error or a coding error, CoffeeCup HTML Editor made it easy to find!”
    Mark H.

  • Walter D.

    “I use CoffeeCup HTML Editor, and I love its ease of use and the amount of control I have over the HTML.”
    Walter D.

  • Jubal L.

    “I am always on the go, creating Websites, Web graphics, photo sites, and multimedia creations (CDs and DVDs). I need software that is fast, fun, reliable, and affordable to be able to complete my busy days. The software from the CoffeeCup team, not to mention the free utilities they have available, has met all of these needs. I am greatly appreciative of CoffeeCup's software and support. I am also amazed how they reach out to help others in need - what a blessing indeed.”
    Jubal L.

  • Arnt A.

    “I love CoffeeCup Software. It is simple to use, and I have great fun using it. If your support is good or bad, I don't know, for I have never had any reason to use it. The software has been working from day one. I also like your other software - all of the security programs you are making. All of them are easy to use, and no burglars have entered my computer, so they must be efficient.”
    Arnt A.

  • Alaric W.

    “I have made a few Websites for friends recently and uploaded them with CoffeeCup FTP. They have all been to different servers, and I have had no problem in uploading any of them. I think the program is great. Keep up the good work.”
    Alaric W.

  • Nancy P.

    “I use CoffeeCup Direct FTP... it's wonderful because it has a built in HTML editor!”
    Nancy P.

  • Denis G.

    “I've been using the CoffeeCup Firestarter software for a certain period of time now. As far as I'm concerned, it's a 4-star smart little software, and for the price it's certainly the best!”
    Denis G.

  • Martin M.

    “Concerning your software, I just want to say that I quite often use it for work with Websites. They are little but helpful programs that make work easier.”
    Martin M.

  • Harrison S.

    “I use the FTP on a daily basis. I have many pages I have to maintain. The GIF Animator is the best!”
    Harrison S.

  • Paolo Z.

    “What to say about CoffeeCup Software? Just AMAZING! Amazing how these guys are constantly thinking very hard to make our life so easy. Amazing is the result you can get using their software at all levels from beginners to experienced developer. Amazing is the support they offer to their clients, always going at the point quickly and kindly. Thank you to all at CoffeeCup Software!”
    Paolo Z.

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