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Responsive Email Designer

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Starting in 2016 over 50% of the emails are opened on a mobile device. If an email is not responsive, the message is impossible to read and interact with.

Another well known fact is that images will not show up (automatically) for about 50% of the recipients. Emails that rely on images will not get their message across.

Most tools focus on getting to the inbox, but that is only part of the solution. The email has to be easy to read, good looking and clickable. The trash can is patiently waiting for messages that resemble garbage!

Then, how to design unique emails and newsletters that always display their message? The ones that increase engagement, and ultimately opens and deliverability?The answer is simple…

Better campaigns through better emails.

Yup, it's that simple. If the message displays better, campaign effectiveness will increase. Deliverability rates, list building, bah! None of that really matters when the email sucks*.

*sucks = is image based and/or is not mobile friendly.



Intuitive front-end workflow using CSS selectors

Slider to view the email at every possible width

User-definable media-queries (aka breakpoints)

Custom components library — OMG-level responsive components included

Design conditionally for Outlook — ultra hot!

Google Fonts integration

Over 40 free email themes and new templates

OMG-level prebuilt responsive email components

Modeled after the principles of progressive enhancement
(use backgrounds, fall-back fonts, shadows, radius and more)



Fully functional: try everything

+ Export 3 designs

+ Send 3 (test) campaigns

+ Unreal visual design control

+ Schedule a live demonstration
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Responsive Emails are so hard to make…

Breakpoints in Email

Truth! Even emails that are not responsive are hard to code and display intact in all email clients, many of which have various peculiarities (yea, looking at you Outlook). This is also one of the reasons other email builders are so limited, more design freedom can cause the email to 'break' in some clients.

With RED all that is in the past. Powered by an innovative email code generator and built upon a solid foundation, emails are displayed consistently across all (major) email clients. On top of that, RED offers design options and layout tools unique to any email editor, allowing for a rich email experience on large screens and mobile devices alike. Now, that's a powerful app indeed!

*Foundation inspired by ink, an excellent project done by the talented people at Zurb.

Already put to great use.

By these trusted brands (and a whole bunch of others…)

Companies using RED
Super Sliderman and BreakerBoy

Powerup #1
Classes and IDs

Classes & IDs

A workflow familiar to front end web designers and developers. Apply styles to custom selectors and update common styles with a single click. Rather have it all automated? Then RED Personal is the better choice for you.

CSS3 Features

Components & Symbols

Don't waste time rebuilding the same headers, footers, buttons, etc., for each new campaign. Save commonly used items to your personal Components Library to reuse them throughout your projects.

You can also browse the CoffeeCup Components Library and pick from our collection of pre-styled, highly tested email features. Each one is 100% customizable so you can tailor them to your needs.

Powerup #2

Breakpoints when and where you need them. Design or layout changes need to be based upon the actual content for an optimal user experience. Breakpoint management is key for creating truly device-agnostic designs.


Slide and inspect the design at any width. No need for countless design comps at arbitrary (viewport) sizes. The community agrees, working with a live preview directly in the browser, creates a continuous canvas and a better responsive design workflow.


Zoom out… and view more. Design for ginormous screens from a laptop. Plus get a good feeling for the page flow by seeing more of the height at the same time. Nice!


Grid Based Design

Email design is all about deeply nested tables, but RED shields you from that complexity. With rows and easy control over the number of columns, it feels like designing for the modern web. Indeed, the columns can stack too!

RED Layout One
RED Layout Two

Full-width Images

One image to rule them all

Google Webfonts Google Webfonts

Ready for Google web fonts

Unchained from rigid templates, design and campaign creativity can run free.

Receipt Theme
Green Theme
Grey Theme
Red Lines Theme
Smith & Sons Theme

Focus on the message and support it with a fitting layout and meaningful design. Send drafts or tests directly through RED. Get input, prototype content, test links or simply see what the email looks like on different devices and email apps.

Mailchimp, Constant Contact and (some of)
the other EMSPs are really great but…

Their email builders are based upon a rigid template structure, limiting design freedom. Also, custom breakpoints and style changes for mobile are not offered. On the other hand, their infrastructure for email sending, delivery and analytics rock!

RED was created to be complementary and offer email design freedom through progressive enhancement. The amicable export code RED generously offers is already making friends. Direct integrations are in the works too!

Yes, RED does send emails...intended for content approval, and link or email client testing. For sending, RED can be connected to a personal or business email account such as Gmail, or an SMTP server.

RED Mail Services

21st Century Email Design

Mobile Email Opens

These days over 50% of emails are first opened on a mobile device. Technology and design that improves the mobile email experience offers incredible benefits. Plus, of the top ten most used email clients, several now support background images, border radius, shadows and a number of typographic features.

It's time to start designing emails with Progressive Enhancement and deliver a better experience to recipients with supporting email clients!

Email is…

The original social media


With just about everyone having an email address, including built-in features for personal and group conversation, it is the largest social platform. The nifty forward button makes both personal and group sharing a cinch.

Controllable and very lucrative


It's easier to reach an audience using email than with the current social media services.

Patient yet actionable


Emails wait for the receiver. It's personal, not invasive, yet hard to ignore. It sits comfortably in the inbox until the intended reader takes action and reads or (re)moves the message.

The most popular mobile activity


Mobile opens have grown over 180% over the 3 years. About 65% of email opens happen on the mobile device first. Most people read email on the phone or tablet immediately when they wake up.

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