CoffeeCup Customer Stories

  • Andres Z.

    “I am registered user of CoffeeCup HTML Editor and CoffeeCup FTP. My Websites are made with CoffeeCup. In the past, I had some troubles, and few times I reinstalled CoffeeCup (my foul, not CoffeeCup's). Some years ago, I could not download an update, because I registered it before 1999. I got great support from your staff, and since that time I always get new versions without any trouble. I also use Macromedia sometimes, but it is not cool enough for a user as CoffeeCup Editor is.”
    Andres Z.

  • William S.

    “It's a pleasure to be able to say something nice about your products... CoffeeCup Software and products have seen my wife and me through several Web-based informational ventures. Visual Site Designer allowed us to make quick, attractive pages and get them online in a hurry. CoffeeCup HTML Editor, in conjunction with Firestarter, helped us juice up those pages and make them look really professional. ... If it weren't for CoffeeCup, I dare say we would have had considerably poorer luck with our Web adventures.”
    William S.

  • Joris I.

    “I find your Website very interesting, and I've learned a lot about Java and its components.”
    Joris I.

  • Larry D.

    “CoffeeCup helps me get to the golf course sooner.”
    Larry D.

  • Lewis R.

    “Dealing with CoffeeCup Software is always a pleasure. They offer great software, but more importantly, provide outstanding customer support.”
    Lewis R.

  • James W.

    “I use CoffeeCup Direct FTP and CoffeeCup HTML Editor. Before CoffeeCup, I used professionals to create and modify our Website. Now I am very comfortable doing it myself. Thus the investment in CoffeeCup has paid off many, many times over. I find the programs easy to use, the support prompt and personal, and as I seek out new programs, I would not hesitate to purchase further CoffeeCup programs. I work in the most superb environment, and the photo shows me at my desk, which is at home, with the view behind me.”
    James W.

  • Alan J.

    “I have been using CoffeeCup FTP software for many years now, and its ease of use makes it my consistent choice for Web administration.”
    Alan J.

  • Max D.

    “I have been using CoffeeCup Direct FTP for several years. Great product - very user-friendly!!”
    Max D.

  • David T.

    “I use FTP for moving files and editing Websites for both my marketing/design firm and my home music studio - and CoffeeCup is easy to use for both. It's also got a friendly interface that has made it easy to teach non-computer-savvy clients and friends how to update their own Websites and work with large files.”
    David T.

  • G P C V.

    “I'm Pluisje (Dutch for Fluffy) and just two years of age. My mistress, who didn't want to send her own picture (maybe because we are much prettier), has put all kind of pictures of our baby year on her Website. And no joke, honest, with the CoffeeCup HTML Editor only. Make sure you keep our mistress happy with the software. That keeps her behind the screen, so that we have some time to make a lot of fun (or better, mischief) in the house. A few paws from the three of us!”
    G P C V.

  • Steve H.

    “I didn't know anything about Website design before I got CoffeeCup. It was very easy to use. I designed and had my new site up and running in less than a week. It looks professional, it's functional, and it’s very easy to edit.”
    Steve H.

  • Heather P.

    “Well, I'm a bit partial to the name CoffeeCup, because I'm a coffee nut! But seriously, CoffeeCup software is great, and I'd recommend it to anyone. I actually learned HTML in part by using the HTML Editor. CoffeeCup software is very user-friendly, and they have a tool for just about every aspect of Web design that you'd need.”
    Heather P.

  • Michael T.

    “I've been using CoffeeCup's HTML Editor for many years now, and still use it today. It's fast and easy to use to create, edit, script, and deploy Webpages. It's a must-have in the Web designer’s tool kit.”
    Michael T.

  • Bill S.

    “Back when I was just learning this business, I couldn't afford the "big gun" software, so I turned to CoffeeCup Software for decent products at low price points. But guess what? I still find that their Direct FTP product has more features than I need. So why switch? My online travel business now grosses over $2 million per year - and I still don't need the "big gun" software products.”
    Bill S.

  • John J.

    “Some months ago I downloaded the free trial of CoffeeCup after being recommended. I went on to use this and later bought the software, experimenting and learning the craft. From very small beginnings, I now run the site for the newspaper I work for, and CoffeeCup is still the only HTML software I use.”
    John J.

  • Edit P.

    “CoffeeCup Software is a very easy-to-operate, useful, and reliable product. No problem with installation or instructions of usage.”
    Edit P.

  • Olivier J.

    “Firestarter was really an alternative to Flash for me. It's easier to use and has good basic effects.”
    Olivier J.

  • Cynthia A.

    “I have used Firestarter to add features to several Websites. I found it to be very intuitive and simple to get the hang of. The ability to configure the graphics to blend with my design theme was a definite plus! Thank you, CoffeeCup Software!”
    Cynthia A.

  • Bobby S.

    “I have been a CoffeeCup customer for some time now and have always found the software very user-friendly. They have made it very easy for me to design my club's Website. Keep up the good work, CoffeeCup!!”
    Bobby S.

  • Hans P.

    “I'm an amateur Webmaster. The first Flash items I published at my homepage I made with CoffeeCup's Firestarter. It is a cool tool, easy to use, and very affordable. If you can't write Flash files yourself and you want Flash on your site, Firestarter is worth it to buy. To be honest, I do miss some possibilities, which is why I'm using another Flash tool in addition to Firestarter. I wrote an e-mail about my wishes, and the CoffeeCup team answered immediately.”
    Hans P.

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