CoffeeCup Customer Stories

  • Thomas G.

    “I have used your WebCam Software for 2 years and I'm very content.”
    Thomas G.

  • Kevin M.

    “I use Flash Blogger and GIF Animator. These programs are easier to use than solving the Rubik's Cube.”
    Kevin M.

  • Doug S.

    “I have to admit, I've been very impressed by the high-level of e-mail/Web support I've received from the CoffeeCup team. Keep up the good work!”
    Doug S.

  • Rolf S.

    “Building my Websites with this cool stuff from the South, I have the time to ride my horses all summer in the Yukon wilderness, Canada's true north...”
    Rolf S.

  • Kev M.

    “I have been using CoffeeCup Software for nine years, and hardly a day goes by that I don't use it. CoffeeCup HTML Editor has been the most useful and most powerful purchase I have ever made. Some people are addicted to coffee, but I'm addicted to CoffeeCup, and it is the perfect fix for all my HTML needs. Funny enough, I don't even like coffee.”
    Kev M.

  • Keith K.

    “I've used the CoffeeCup HTML Editor for awhile now, and it's great. For my purposes, it has all the features I need and then some, including a sense of humor. It's nice to see documentation that takes a conversational tone, not technical-ese, and is thorough to boot!”
    Keith K.

  • Michael S.

    “The need for secure Web access requires frequent password changes and a more stringent alphanumeric syntax for new passwords. LockBox by CoffeeCup Software makes it a breeze to log new user IDs and passwords and keep track of password changes! I recommend it to all my friends and coworkers. My satisfaction with LockBox is matched by CoffeeCup's Visual Site Designer. The ease of use and power of Visual Site Designer makes Website development a breeze. Installing CoffeeCup add-on utilities is seamless and creates a powerful development platform.”
    Michael S.

  • Harold M.

    “Well, color me enthused! I've been using CoffeeCup software for years. My two "must have" applications are Direct FTP (so darned easy) and the HTML Editor. Now here comes News Flash just as I was taking an interest in RSS. It worked flawlessly and hey, I tend to avoid directions! It did not take five minutes! This is how software is meant to work.”
    Harold M.

  • DREW G.

    “I have been using CoffeeCup for about nine years, and I love it. I purchased my first batch of software when I bought my first domain. It outdoes all of the rest of the software I have used. ... I have not needed to purchase any others since.”
    DREW G.

  • Alan B.

    “CoffeeCup support is unrivalled in my experience - prompt, helpful, available, international.”
    Alan B.

  • Robert A.

    “I use the CoffeeCup HTML Editor to build Webpages for several different Websites. The CoffeeCup HTML Editor makes it easy to make quick changes to the Webpages. Thanks for a great product.”
    Robert A.

  • Michelle C.

    “The thing I like best about CoffeeCup is the feeling of fun I have when visiting their site and using their software. It is intuitively easy to use, and the support has been great. I started using their Firestarter, and I'm always looking forward to the next innovative software.”
    Michelle C.

  • Dept O.

    “I am the Webmaster for DCRA government site. I have been using CoffeeCup HTML Editor ever since you released it. It keeps on getting better and better after every release. I wouldn't use anything else.”
    Dept O.

  • Monte J.

    “While I am not a Webmaster, CoffeeCup Software lets me pretend that I am. I still can't believe I get free upgrades!”
    Monte J.

  • Reinhard L.

    “I have been using CoffeeCup HTML Editor for more than seven years. It's been such a long time, I almost can't remember. But I remember that this was the first and only HTML Editor I could understand. It was very easy to build my first Webpages. And now, I am in a professional job having to do with programming in HTML. Many thanks to the CoffeeCup Team! I found my profession with you.”
    Reinhard L.

  • Dave S.

    “I use a variety of CoffeeCup products - Form Builder and Password Wizard would be my favorites. They are simple and effective programs that have played a vital role in helping me develop my Web presence.”
    Dave S.

  • Andrew H.

    “Bring an end to boring Websites! Stand apart from the crowd! Use CoffeeCup Software!”
    Andrew H.

  • Robb A.

    “I've been using CoffeeCup software for years and continue to use and recommend it, because it is consistently easy to install, easy to use, inexpensive, and it works! Imagine that - cheap software that works. I love it, and I wish CoffeeCup continued success.”
    Robb A.

  • Wendy P.

    “I've been using CoffeeCup Software for years and love it. I bought the Big Cup option because I use most of the software. I'm partial to Direct FTP and Firestarter, which are great and easy to use. I also use the HTML Editor and even bought the book My Website is Better than Yours - it's great reading. I manage a simple running Website for the Boreal Club, which is a Montreal-based running club.”
    Wendy P.

  • George L.

    “Back in the '90s, I purchased the CoffeeCup HTML Editor. Since then I have purchased about two dozen programs from CoffeeCup Software. My two favorites are Direct FTP and Flash Firestarter. On our personal site, each page is a Flash Firestarter movie placed on a basic black HTML page. Our new commercial site,, is still in the beta stage while we perfect the ad copy. However, when the site is officially launched, the pages will be created with Flash Firestarter and HTML Editor. Then they will be uploaded with Direct FTP. CoffeeCup Software is a great company. Their customer service is speedy and very helpful. The software is reasonably priced - I'd pay more, but I'm glad that I don't have to.”
    George L.

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