Follow these steps to add a Flash object created in one of our Flash programs (Photo Gallery, Web JukeBox, etc.) to a Visual Site Designer page. You will need to have both applications open.

Note: These instructions do not apply to Flash animations created with Firestarter. For instructions on adding a Firestarter animation to your page, read Adding a Firestarter Animation or Other .swf File to a Visual Site Designer Website.

  1. Create and save the Flash object within its application.
  2. Switch to Visual Site Designer.
  3. Open the page where you want the Flash object to display.
  4. Click the Add Flash tool in the left toolbar and click the location on your page where you want the Flash object to appear.
  5. Click Browse to search for the XML file for the Flash object.
  6. Click Open.

You can now click the Preview button in the top toolbar to check out how your Flash object looks on your page.