With the release of Web Form Builder 2.2 and higher, you can create your own themes and edit existing ones. There are lots of reasons to create a new theme:

  • Make changes to a theme you already own
  • Bring an idea for a good unique theme to life
  • Use a customized theme many times without making the same changes to every single form
  • Share your custom themes with others

It's easy to get started—then you get to create something fantastic. Here are all the resources you need to walk you through the process.

1. Prepare Your Theme   (Read the OS X version here.)

Learn how to set up a brand new theme so it's ready to be edited. This tutorial shows you how to make a copy of an existing theme and have it display in Web Form Builder's Theme Browser.

2. Edit Your Theme   (Read the OS X version here.)

Learn how to create your custom theme. This tutorial walks you through the adaption of the Academic theme that comes with Web Form Builder. Make your own changes to this theme or create something completely different and unique.

3. Customize Form Theme Graphics

Learn how to make professional-looking graphics for your forms. This tutorial teaches you how to edit existing graphics with Web Image Studio using the magic and wonder of WIF files, then shows you how to implement them in your custom themes.

Many of our already customers enjoy the ability to tweak the CSS of your form after exporting. The only real problem with that is that your changes are erased every time you export. This means you have to make those same changes to the CSS every time! Creating a new/custom theme with these changes means you only have to do it once. Have fun!