Web Form Builder has a lot of mailing list options, and most of them must be entirely compatible with those required by MailChimp in order for your form to properly interface with your mailing list.

Your MailChimp mailing list has certain fields that you have matched up with fields in your form. When a user submits content in those fields while filling out your form, MailChimp saves that data for use in your mailing list. This way you can recall that data accurately later.

There are four major errors you might encounter when matching fields. Click the one that sounds most like the error you are experiencing for help fixing the problem:

For more information setting up MailChimp mailing list integration, read this article.

MailChimp EMAIL Fields

All MailChimp lists require an email address to be supplied. Hey, it doesn't make much sense to compile a mailing list without collecting email addresses, does it? Therefore, if you don't match an email address element to the MailChimp "EMAIL" field, you'll get this warning.

In Windows:

In OS X:

Solving this problem is easy: Just create an Email Address element in Web Form Builder (if you haven't already) and then match it to the MailChimp "EMAIL" field.

Setting Fields as "Required"

If a MailChimp field is configured to be "required," the matched element in Web Form Builder must also be set to "required". If you try to match a required MailChimp field to an element that does not have this setting checked (specifically the MailChimp "EMAIL" field which is always required), you'll get this warning:

In Windows:

In OS X:

By default, new elements in Web Form Builder are not set as required fields, which is probably why you're ending up with this error. To fix the problem, select the element in Web Form Builder and click the Properties tab. Now check the box next to Required and match the element to its corresponding MailChimp field again.

Most likely the only field required by MailChimp is the email address field. If any others are required, you must have configured it yourself! If you don't want these fields to be required, log in to MailChimp and change this setting. You won't be able to remove this setting on an email address field, however.

Matching Option Values

When you wish to use a set of options in your form, such as those in a Radio Button element, you must also create the same set of options in your corresponding MailChimp list. And when we say "the same," we really mean it: completely identical in every way. All spelling and capitalization must be exactly the same, or you will get this warning:

In Windows:

In OS X:

You have two options: Change the option values in your form or in the MailChimp list. Either way, you'll need to log in to MailChimp to see the options that you've previously created. So log in to your MailChimp account, click the List toolbar button, and click Design Signup Forms (you'll need to choose one from the options that appear if you have multiple lists).

Make sure that all options are completely identical to the options in your radio button element in Web Form Builder! Either change the values in your form to match the ones displayed here, or change the values displayed here to match your form. You can add and remove options by clicking the + and - buttons under menu options on the right. Don't forget to click Save Field! Then click Save & Exit all the way at the top.

If everything is completely identical (did we say that enough yet?) you'll be able to successfully match your element to the MailChimp field.

More Resources

Yes, this might seem like a big pain, but there's lots of reasons why your form and MailChimp need to coexist so harmoniously. It has everything to do with a completely 100% flawless mailing list experience. We've thought of everything and put these safeguards in place to stop you from experiencing errors once your mailing list form goes out to the public.

For more information, and an overview setting up MailChimp, read this article.