Web Form Builder gives you all the tools to build powerful web forms with little to no design or HTML experience. S-Drive Forms gives you a home for those forms without needing your own web server.

When you publish to S-Drive, your form results appear in the S-Drive Dashboard. The number of forms that can be hosted depends upon which S-Drive plan you have. You can find out which plan you have and how many forms you can host by visiting the S-Drive Plans page.

Below the list of forms in the Form tab, a message tells you how many forms you can still publish. That total number of forms is shared by all your S-Drive web addresses. In the screenshot below, we have selected the address user.coffeecup.com, and below the forms list, we see that 1 more form can be published:

If we select any other address, such as igotmydomain.com from the drop-down in the upper right corner, we'll see the same number of remaining forms:

Remember that the number of forms you can publish depends on which S-Drive plan you have. You can visit the S-Drive Plans page to see which plan you've got and how many forms you can host. You can also upgrade on this page if you need more forms but don't want to delete any existing ones.