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Monica, that is great can you be more specific with a date CC is releasing its software. As a relatively new CC customer I have found your software quite easy to use. I have also recently joined the MAC darkside and am reluctantly evaluating my MAC friendly web developer options, but I didn't by a MAC to run VM ware.
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We have learned the hard way never to comment on a specific date other then saying "SOON". ;)
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The end is near. (of 2010) Mac software near?
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It's May 2011...I would love to be able to run webform on Apple Safari...

Is there a realistic timetable for CC on MAC?
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It's being beta tested, that is all I know...
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scotsit wrote:

Is there a realistic timetable for CC on MAC?

Realistic is a very subjective term, programming is sometimes less an exercise in logic, and more an exercise in wrestling jello into a can.

It's entertaining to watch, and you can feel good at the result, but who can rally accurately estimate how long it will take to fill up the can :)
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It is now October and there was no answer in May...Is there an answer now... since it is now the end of 2011? How do you become a beta tester?
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looking for a status update on the Mac versions of CC's great, easy to use products! Being patient, but really would relish having the ability to junk my windows box!! I only use it for coffeecup stuff!
bob smith
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Umm - it's now nearly the end of 2011 - and still no Mac version.

I started my website journey with CC and still see so many features I want to use.

PLEASE let us know a REALISTIC date

(no, I am not going to use any of those suggested dual platforms - takes up too much space & one of them messed with my system last time I used it)
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I use Parrllels on my Mac and have no problems.

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