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I was under the impression that coffecup actually allowed me to edit in the preview mode... was I mistaken? That was the ONLY reason I bought it and now I find I can't edit in wysiwyg?

Seriously, I hope I am just doing something wrong, but I don't need a program to help me right html/css and view it in a browser. I can do that without coffecup.

So, purchased, installed, no wysiwyg editing in the preview panel. Please, I either need my money back or I need to be corrected on this and shown how to do wysiwyg editing.

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Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to the program's Visual Editor (actually over 2 years ago). Over the years it had relied on controls that Microsoft had built into Windows but has been gradually discontinuing support for. In order to make the Visual Editor compatible with the new and important HTML5 web standards, we would need to research and develop a new way to program it — precious time that we'd rather devote to refining our beloved code editor.

We feel strongly about using the instant preview options when dealing with code. The split-screen preview shows changes on-screen as you make them, and the external preview can be open at all times in a different window (which is great if you use a second monitor). Try them! We're confident that you'll find these preview options just as useful as working with the visual editor.

If you would like to continue using the HTML Editor with the visual editing component, contact support with your order number and we can send you that version. Just note that this feature is no longer supported nor being developed.
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There's nothing on the site that says it does that anymore either, not sure where you even got the idea that it has a wysiwyg editor in it anymore, it's been gone for about 2 years or more already. Maybe you clicked an old cached page link or something? Not sure, but you should always refresh the page when you do links in Google to things to be sure you're getting the most up to date information.

Other than that, CoffeeCup gives you a full 30 day trial period of most of their software and there would have been no guess work needed if you had done that first. I have no clue why people don't take advantage of that, it's there especially for things like this.

Also do keep in mind if you do go for the old version that Scott mentioned that has the visual editor in it, it's not a very stable thing to use, and it's not going to have any of the new preview window features at all either. Quite a few features actually that were added to it since then won't be there. Just letting you know that ahead of time too.

If it's a visual editor you're after, you should have gone for the one that is named for it:

Visual Site Designer

That's the one CoffeeCup makes for that purpose and has for many years now.
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I think that the reason that this question is coming up is that on the website, there is a questionaire to help you select an HTML editor and it says that CC has that feature. It clearly has a date stamp of 2010 ---- but I know that I didn't expect that an editor would take that feature away.
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Many more features were added. You have split screen to view instant changes you make on your code. And CC has the Visual Site Designer (VSD) if you want to go that route. :cool:
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Yeah does say that, but lets be honest I think their site was designed by Noah I think he did it when he was on with the Ark,

Smoke the HTML editor has always had the split preview, as far as I remember, that's when it's working :lol:
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I've been coding since the RAINMAN days at AOL and like everything about Coffee Cup (used it when it first came out) but without the ability to code on the visual screen, it's practically worthless to me. I build large resource web sites and just don't have the time to manually code every time I have an addition or a change.

I'll bite the bullet and keep this program but could you suggest another that will suit my purposes better? BTW, this is why I went to other programs back in 1999.
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What CC program are you using?
Have you tried Responsive Layout Maker or had a look at the Responsive Site Designer forum?
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Sounds like you need to hold out for Responsive Site Designer. It won't be the typical WYSIWYG setup, but it pretty cool and does almost everything you need within the program itself. Granted you're still going to have to do some coding here and there, but no where near like if you were doing it by hand yourself.

The only other option I can think of is to fork out the bucks for Dreamweaver and then you have the best of both worlds. Just remember that it's not cheap and there's no "buying" of the Adobe software anymore so basically you're only paying rent with no return on your money other than the work you get done while you're using it. Double edged sword there, but it's an option if you can't wait.

I would wait if I were you though, I think it's going to fit what you need pretty good and you should keep your eyes open for sales because the big sale is already past, you missed that one. It's only in pre-release stage at the moment so it's not available to purchase outright yet unless you had RLMP already. I'm sure they will have other sales though as they get closer to release, so be sure you're on the mailing list to know what's coming.
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Just an FYI - this is still happening, you guys make the 4th best wysiwyg editor despite not being that. … tml-editor

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