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  • Bio: My name is not actually G'Kar I'm sure everyone will be surprised to know that ;) but in fact Nigel, I'm from England, with a name like Nigel I couldn't really be from anywhere else.
    I've been using Coffeecup for quite a few years now and have found the HTML editor the best there is. I've also used Image Mapper, Photo Gallery (less said the better on that program) and new RLM for responsive web sites, which is becoming an invaluable tool.
    I started off doing a course in Javascript and HTML/CSS coding in 2003 with a school in programming near where I lived. Things have moved on since then and health hasn't been great so I've been left behind quite a bit. I'm not a pro designer but I pick up the odd client here and there.

    My interests are Art, Chess, Pro cycling, cricket and football (it's football not soccer)

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