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We want your ideas, suggestions, and comments about CoffeeCup DirectFTP or CoffeeCup Free FTP. So tell us: How can we make the software even better? Remember, our products are here for you guys, so we want to make them the very best we can :)
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Hey Scott,

I'm new hear and I just downloaded the Free Direct FTP Client Version 4.2, build 1526. I'm running Win XP SP3 fully updated. I really like how it has a very simple user interface and can't wait to promote it in my company.

One thing I did think that may help newbies figure out the difference between the server and their local desktop would be to have the ability to have the file views customizable on both the local and server side. Right now I only seem to be able to change both at the same time. If it were possible to change the server side view to icons and the local view to list, It might give new users the understanding of where things are.

Honestly, that has been my only problem with it. And if thats the only problem, then maybe I have to much time on my hands :P. Thats for such a great product. I hope to buy the full version soon.

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I have been using CoffeeCup FTP for almost two years and, honestly, I can't think of anything that will improve it. Love it!
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Could you please add some form of multi-threading so i can navigate the server directory tree while uploading files in the background? This would speed up complex uploads (several files across several directories) a lot
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1. Right-click selects files as well as drops a menu down in left-hand pane (at the moment one has to left-click on a file before right clicking - too many clicks!).

2. Option to maintain case or force upper or lower-case when uploading.

3. Server login message viewing in the activity screen.

That's it!
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  • Auto-sizing title bars in both local & remote panes
  • Add BROWSE function to snippets (for those of us who have saved all their old .snp & don't want to re-enter them)
  • Add zip to local & un-zip to remote site functions
  • Add FIND within the remote files???
  • Keep the last FIND text
  • Allow the toolbar to be customized

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I second most everything everyone else has said already lol, and....

I'd love to see a "minimize to system tray" option also if possible :)
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The biggest for me would be a keyboard shortcut to change views. Once I start editing a file, I want to view it full screen. Frankly, the current buttons along the top are very un-user friendly. The whole idea regarding buttons at the top is to make things easier-- but to make them drop down menus, makes things actually harder.

I would also like the Save button to not be a drop down. Just create two different buttons! Save Local and Save Remote. While I applaud the look and feel, I must say there are certainly interface design issues which need addressing-- particularly with buttons and keyboard shortcuts.

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I've just downloaded and tried free ftp. It uploaded a modified page to one of my Expression Web sites quickly and without hassle.

This looks like being at least as useful as the Coffee Cup form builder.

Regards - Andrew C.
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I've been using the product for 4 years and it's just plain simple and good. This is my first issue. My hard drive died so I had to reinstall on a new one. I can still access files on my old drive. I have over 50 ftp accounts in your ftp software. I first went DreamWeaver (I know I hear the boos) and exported my sites. I began frantically combing through the CoffeeCup directory for anything resembling a database file. In fact I copied the entire CoffeeCup directory in "Program Files" from the old to new drive. We'll no joy. There's no account export function... Rats! I'd love the ability to export my accounts.

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