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I am puzzled by the fact that in Site Designer, "Toggle Breakpoints", the default mode is not the default mode when the program initializes. If it is in fact the default mode then why is it not the default mode.

It seems trivial, but it gets me 9 times out of 10 when I start a new website. I will be working away and when I check things at different breakpoints they do not work as they should. It is then that I realize that I did not physically change to the "default mode". I make the change to default mode and then have to backtrack to make things work as they should. It seems I would learn, but it has been a challenge!
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Hi Phil.
I sort of agree with your point and have already suggested to CC that the words be changed to something more relevent, I also know that there are a few others have also made similar requests, and you are not the only one to fall into that situation, it is now a habit that one of the first things I do when starting a new project is to select the "default" mode, then if the project doesn't require the CSS grid thingy I collapse the to bit in the elements tab for those CSS row's and columns.

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I would agree with you guys. Its caught me a few times too!
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