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  • Bio: Arrived on the shores of Bali thousands of years ago from "Good Old Blighty" Stayed, built a business from scratch, got married, got divorced, lived the single life for eons, retired from the business, got bored, got interested in Web-design and building, as an interest to keep the Grey matter going. Discovered Coffee Cup and 'Responsive Layout Maker" Got married again (last time this time I am sure)

    Moved To rural Java miles from anywhere
    Now spend my days and nights) messing about and learning more and more about responsive designs, fixing problems from a few of my mate's computers,
    Relaxing on the beach or on my veranda watching the sunrise with a few cold beers, with my wife and or my mates, where we put the world to rights sitting here in our own little bubble.
    Don't have a clue what time it is (don't care) and sometimes don't even know or care what day it is (except payday of course)
    A world and a lifetime away from cold miserable "Good Old Blighty"
    If you would like to get in touch with me my e-mail is wayanjayainjava[at]gmail.com

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