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  • Bio: My name is Steve Kolish and I am Owner, President and CEO of Mister Webguy. LOL… actually I have never looked at myself as any of those roles but it is fun to say! You will often see me crawling through the Coffeecup forums offering my help where I can. Although web design is my passion it wasn’t always that way. I explain my journey to web design as one big adventure through life and experiences.

    Born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada (Burrr its cold up here) I have always held true to life in the city. I found myself going through many different career choices typical to that of a city dweller. I started working part time jobs and found my first real full time job working at a Vitamin plant called B.A.S.F and stayed there for 8 years working as a production line worker. From there I moved to Artistic Iron Works which was a metal fabricating shop. I spent 5 years there as manager and bought my first computer in 1999. You can say that’s when my passion was first discovered and my life starting to take its first major turn to the WWW or inter-web as my father always put it.

    I started getting interested in Web Design in about 2003 and built my first website for my dad’s bar. From there I began to catch the designer bug and started learning everything I could about HTML and CSS. In 2005 I ended up injuring myself at work and had to go back to school to retrain as the major bulk of my career was in the heavy labor industry.

    Well you can guess what my interests were, computer related of course! I went to Post-Secondary school in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and learned how to program. In 2006 I began working in a co-op work-term for the Government of Saskatchewan and am working there to this day. I graduated in 2008 and have been applying my knowledge to many different jobs since.

    I began building more and more websites for friends and colleagues for free. My skill was getting stronger and stronger and my finished products were beginning to match if not exceed what current professional website designers were offering. Many of my friends were urging me to start up a business and do this for money. At first I thought no way, I don’t want to turn this into a job, because if I do it may get to be too much like work and I would lose the enjoyment. But the more and more websites I completed the more excited I was getting about the craft.

    November 12, 2012 I finally did it! I registered and opened up Mister Webguy for business! This was by far my biggest accomplishment to date. Since then my thirst for knowledge in web design has become unquenchable, my client list has grown to over 50 and it looks like there is no turning back now!

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