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Even though it's a remarkable app, not one update has been released for years. Are there any plans to go further on this? Or is this going to vanish quietly ... like the Wordpress Template builder that has been announced on the CC website but has never been released, not even as beta?
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Not for Mac users who keep current on their OS. It's a 32 bit app and won't work on Catalina.
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I have to agree. I see so much potential in both Sonar and Website Insights, and yet they both have languished for years now. I'd frankly be glad for less bells-and-whistles and the pay-for-template routine we've gotten in, and more time spent maximizing the existing applications (and really fleshing out the components for Site Designer we were promised since Day 1). If there is any disappointment I have, as a user coming from Adobe Muse, it's that we're sorely lacking in plug-ins and components to add functionality.

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I Agree with Ruda.
Website Insight has been a very helpful tool for me and I always use it when taking a new website live, or after major changes.
It highlights errors, or elements that can be very easily overlooked (in my case anyway!).
I would be sorry to see it fall away.
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Neil Ruda wrote:
If there is any disappointment ... it's that we're sorely lacking in plug-ins and components to add functionality.

The best things in life are sometimes free:


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