Web Form Builder 2.9 - Upgrade only...

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Hi Mark, its not a free upgrade so it will not show up in your downloads. Log a support ticket if you didn't receive the email and they will provide you the purchase link.
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Thanks, Steve!
Will do.
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$9 is not a big deal - however. It's confusing me. Does this mean you have to pay for security fixes? Since Web Form Builder 2.5 is the recent version in my order-account (last update 2015). And where are 2.6, 2.7, 2.8 ?

Along with the powerful reCAPTCHA options, we also included important PHP security updates plus inserted the latest MailChimp V3 API.
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The numbers 2.6, 2.7 etc are most likely internal and represent the progression with the new version.
If there had been a security flaw, I'm sure you wouldn't have had to pay anything for the fix. But security updates plus other new features, that is a different thing.
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Loving the new 2.9 update. Great to see the new "sign' function...... great for doing online contracts and of course ReCaptcha... well done guys :-)
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Purchased my upgrade through email. Thanks guys. Closed one of my business locations this week after 20 years just so I can find time to play with Coffeecup Software. Maybe I will actually have time to download and use the new version. Can't Wait! You guys are the best!
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Late to the game but I also never received this email :)
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Richard Hassell wrote:
Late to the game but I also never received this email :)

So was I paid 40 for my upgrade...! :(
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I would sure like to upgrade for $9. But since you didn't send me an email either, the Upgrade in My Purchases, which I'm being directed to in a Support Ticket, is only offering a $99 upgrade. And that email didn't go to Spam because I seem to get all of your other CoffeeCup emails.

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Just tried to upgrade to WFB 2.9 but the price is $99. I have checked back and I did not receive any email offer of $9.
I have tried Form Builder Beta but I have found that I am not able to set my forms out as in WBF so decided to upgrade to v2.9 but as there is not now the $9 option, I will carry on with v2.5.

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