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Add my +1 to this suggestion!
A self hosted forum with all the juices of CoffeCup would be superb.
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Forums are a must have with CoffeeCup! Please build! Pleeeaase!
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Please add a self-hosted forum software program!!!
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hard to see how that would work without a backend database

Recommend MySQL as the backside or something as simple as an excel spreadsheet for those with no access to something like MySQL.

I agree with Liz's original post, would be nice to see forum/bulletin board/message board software from coffeecup.
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+12 from me. :)
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I know this thread is a year old, but......

Has there been any action by CC toward getting some forum software going? I would really like to host my new forum on S-Drive, but cannot.


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Scott or someone from CC can come correct me here if I'm wrong, but I highly doubt they plan anything for forum software. There are a lot of them out there to use already and the best and easiest way to use the with your site is to install them on your own server and put a link that opens in a new page on your menu to reach them.

Simple Machines Forums are some of the best forums out there which you can get to using this link:

They are easy to set up, much more so than some of the rest, and are full featured and it's free to use. If you already have a server setup with a cPanel you can usually install them via that setup. If you're planning to setup using S-Drive for your hosting you would just need to find a place to host your forums to use this one.

There are a lot of free web based forums out there too that you wouldn't have to find a host for. Try a google search for Free Forums and I'm sure you'll come up with many of them. Good luck! :)

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