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  • Bio: I am a dreamer, a believer, a sinner, a saint. I am a lover, a hater, a flirter, I participate. I am the other, the same, only one name. I am calm, cool, collected, and lame. I am a nerd, a geek yet I seek, to be heard. I am excitable, impulsive, lonesome, and volatile. I am emotional, sensitive, expressive, and meaningful. I live, die, hope and give. Heart and soul, I forgive. I exist.

    The most difficult thing an individual can request of another is to illustrate ones life, to expand one's horizon and to express them self. To ask for a meager three paragraphs on a life that is not matured in years, yet experienced in wisdom is impractical. Birth is acceptance, death is an annoyance and that which is between is considered life. How I prefer to live it, is what creates the essence of my being.
    Step onto the deck of the vessel that has swayed my life on the course fate has set me. To embark on the voyage of my life you start at a rustic town in West Virginia, where my life began. From there you explore small towns in Pennsylvania, Germany, France, and London. The water captures your soul as you conclude this trek across the globe in North Carolina.
    My thirst for understanding carries my mind to discover new possibilities and to familiarize myself with the world. What you have interpreted today is what I am. You may acknowledge or chastise me for it. That is an element of your voyage, pursue it how you wish.

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