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You are 100% correct Nestor! Good response.
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I use RED Business version. I like this soft, but some thinks could be better.
1)Image elements dont have link options(open Blank, Self e.t.c.)
2) in settings -Email test - Preheader text not disappear and change, when i use(edit,delete) it in program.
3) in windows phone 8 not working align options. (I resolved this problem,when use full width image with some, what should be align, in 1 row, but it is not good and easy solution, i think :))

Maybe it will help to finalize RED stronger!

Thanks!(sorry for my english)
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Have the ability to support videos not just pictures in an email. They could be streamed using S-Drive.
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I'm using RED Business for professional use, and I've some suggesions for future versions:
  • the ability to save an enail as a template to re-use for future campaigns. This is very useful for setting up customized templates for various customers
  • the ability to save customized color palettes (5 colors per palette are sufficient), and recall them for using in emails
  • a class manager which lists/edits all defined classes and allows deletion of unused classes
Also, I think RED is a very useful and well promising tool for professional use.
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Having used it a little bit, I'll add my $0.02 for badly needed features:
  • The ability to delete formatting attributes (such as color) from edited text in the text editor so that they default to the element settings.
  • As Giuseppe noted, the ability to save custom color palettes (or maybe show the last 10-20 colors selected) so that it's easy to maintain a consistent look throughout a design. Right now we have to manually copy/paste RGB numbers which is just silly.
  • Element selection is a bit clunky. While I appreciate the WYSIWYG aspect of the designer, the ability to more quickly visually identify and select layout elements and objects would make editing much faster (edit mode vs. preview mode).
  • By default, there's an extra line or half-line of space at the bottom of paragraphs. This messes up the layout look in some cases (but not others), and we should be able to turn this on or off easily.
  • Better error reporting when setting up email accounts (can't connect? wrong password?).
  • As Keith noted above, importing lists should be supported. That's the sort of omission that makes me roll my eyes and ask "Really??!?" You either support lists or you don't. CSV import should only take an hour or two of programming time to add.
  • Expanding on the ability to delete attributes (color, font, etc.) from rich text, we also need to be able to delete from columns, rows, etc. so that the attributes of the elements further up the hierarchy can be inherited again.
  • Critical - the ability to upload images to our own site rather than the coffeecup's AWS-based hosting. We're having intermittent image loading problems on our test machines.
  • The ability to design emails with images included / attached in the mail.

    We'll probably tackle the above two issues with some Perl scripts in the short run, but it would be nice if we didn't have to.
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Export html with relative linked images to local hard drive

This issue was not clear upon my initial research into Responsive Email Designer (Pro). Upon usage and confirmation from support, I can confirm that RED currently does not support exporting your html email with images to a local folder using relative links (even if you have specified 'Local Image' as you source for images). To export, your images have to exist online in some form (whether hosted on their system or yours).

While this is obviously a requirement for immediate distribution. There are various circumstances where there may be a need for the html and images to live outside this workflow, particularly in the design, iteration and testing stages.

Eg. Html documents with relative paths are a popular mechanism used to import into many email marketing campaign software (e.g., Neolane, Adobe Campaign, Marketo, etc. on the large organization side and Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, etc. on the consumer side). These systems automatically update the relative url and place the images on their servers. Many clients use these types of systems and are used to receiving a zip file, unzipping it, then uploading the contents through their campaign software (both html and images).

It would be helpful if RED could export an unminified html file along with images that are referenced as relative links. This would allow for various workflows that RED does not take into account.

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We've got a few weekly emails under our belts, and have what we feel would be two significant usability enhancements:

1) An indication on each control if it has different values at other width points (maybe < or > or << or >> on either side as appropriate).

2) The ability (via right-click or ctrl-click or whatever) to force the value at all widths to the current setting for a specific control.

These two items and the lack of user-definable color palettes or some sort of LRU selector are probably our biggest headaches right now. Next biggest would be able to not just sync attributes across widths, but across "levels" (row, column, element, etc) - force the next level up to the current value, and then make all values at the current level default to the higher level value.

We also have occasional issues where the file will silently fail to save when it was previously opened on a different machine via a network share (not sure if a lock is persisting or what). The big problem is that the fail to save doesn't give any error whatsoever, so we've (unfortunately) had to develop a habit of checking to see if it actually saved (timestamp change) every single time. Very annoying.
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Another feature request: Multiple lines and star ratings on social icons. We're particularly proud of our customer ratings and want to feature them on the social icons part (seriously - we have a very solid 5-star Yelp rating). I'm attaching a images of what they look like now, but as you can see the layout could be improved by putting the number of votes / reviews, and the star rating on separate lines. When the width shrinks, the text wraps so that the number of stars is on a different line than the stars themselves. It would also be nice to be able to generate "fractional star images" based on the ratings. Finally, you don't have Yelp in there. How the heck can you not have Yelp? We added it in by overriding another social media site, but still. Anyway, we'd also like to add Google+ (not that many people it, but we have a few more great reviews there), but with the existing layout issues there just isn't room.

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One more thing on Social Icons + Text: Make them wrap more cleanly on small displays (iPhone, etc). Here's out test email on an iPhone 6. It would be better to move them to two lines of icons rather than having the awkward text wrap on Instagram. I'm not sure what would happen if we had more icons in there (a future plan, once the layout issues above are resolved), but wrapping to multiple rows would be essential there as well.
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Could we have the ability to add additional custom attributes to the body, columns, and rows? Then we could make templates for email programs like mailchimp without editing the code after export. For example, you can add mc:edit="header_image" to make an editable header image in mailchimp. The same thing could be done with text, logos, columns, etc. The benefit of this is to make a template in RED and then change the content in the email program for each mailing.

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