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I have been a hardcore Joomla follower for the longest time, although I have owned CC software for many years. I never really pay much attention to CC until last week, when all, ALL my websites were compromised by hackers. I have anti-hacker scripts in place, but with new exploits coming up every day the task of maintaining a Joomla website became a burden, and now a liability. I needed to make a fast deployment to get my firm's presence back online,and I decided to give VSD a try. What a pleasant surprise!

It took me a couple of days to figure out that there's a lot that can be done with this package, which albeit simple, has enough goodies to make a really good looking website.

When a site is more than a few pages long is when I started thinking that there are a few things that could be integrated on VSD that would make site creation a walk in the park (even more so than it is right now).

For starters, there should be a way to create a consistent "header", the top part of the website which doesn't change often. It would be best if this part could be (optionally) created separate from the site, and then "included" on every page. That way a change on the header for a site with many pages would only be done in one place and that would apply to every page on the site.

And a menu system based on javascript would be great for VSD, that way it would be integrated as part of the core as opposed to loaded from external sources, and as we all know, HTML5 will take over flash in the future.

I'm not done with the website yet, but if you want to take a peek, check it out:

Thanks for such a great product!

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Are getting spell check in the new version? :D
Started 9/8/2011
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HalfFrozen wrote:
Are getting spell check in the new version? :D

Haha!!! Have you EVER READ Scott's posts? He doesn't believe in spell check!!! LOL :cool:

But seriously though, it'd be nice.
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I paste all text into notepad++ for spell check,, before ''''ever''''' publishing to the web. always.

the cc html editor has spell check,, sometimes i use that

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I'd love to see an "Insert Iframe" button. This comes up so often in the forums, if it can't be added to VSD, then an Iframe code snippet with instructions should be made into a sticky for the VSD forum :D

From some others' suggestions;
-I'd also like to see someway to have more than one links color scheme (maybe the main links dialogue and a text (paragraph) links option along with the other choices in the Object Properties?
-Master pages that would allow for a header/footer and main nav bar.
-Maybe along with the check box for advanced text, there could be another option; check to make this H1(or H2...).

We don't want much, do we :lol:
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Tiny Spell is for me, nowe noone spels as good as I doos
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I am proud of my 5th or 6th grade education, and my 4th grade vocabulary.

But thanks to other people, computers, servers and web site crap,, I have a large technical knowledge and vocabulary,, college educated CEO type people ask me what the hell I am talking about.. I just reply,,, never mind.

But still, my spelliong is auwsoum and I ahve tpying dixlexia as well.

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Listen, the highest score I ever got on a spelling test was 21! So I know what you are talking about... I still can not spell. But, I have noticed that I can spell better when using a keyboard to type the words verses writing them down... Is that strange???
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I would guess that the structure of the software makes the use of some of the native windows systems difficult. If it were not for a reason such as that, spell check would have been done as it was done in the html editor.

That is just a guess, since I am not a windows or c++ geek.
I have deconstructed some of coffee cup stuff for my own personal education, but I don't have the knowledge to hack up the programs, nor do i have the desire to do so, I just wanted to see the structure or architecture.

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More selectable font sizes. Doesn't make sense that button sizes offer up in between choices and font's do not. No bueno.
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