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  • Bio: I am originally from Columbus Ohio, have lived in Oregon and California. Moved back to Ohio and currently live on Buckeye Lake in Thornville, Ohio.

    For those of you involved with scouts, I received my Eagle Scout in 1978.

    I have had every job in the trades that you can think of,, yes, a hands on kind of person. Worked in carpentry, mechanics, concrete, excavating, plumbing, electrical and ski resort operations to name a few. I have spent many years driving across country and owning a semi trucks -- sold the trucks and turned into a computer nut... That's what time off the road will do to a person.. darn computers..

    A CoffeeCup user since Jan 2003 and have 'all' the registered versions of the CoffeeCup software.
    Currently doing web hosting, web sites and making custom boat covers.

    The CoffeeCup community is a nice crowd and there are a lot of very knowledgeable folks here.

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