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  • Bio: As the moniker suggests, yes I am in the swimming pool industry. Specifically in sunny Phoenix, AZ. What better place for someone the pool business, right?
    I built my company website using CoffeeCup VSD. No previous web design experience. Sheesh, I'm lucky if I can find my way around anything on the computer. I managed to avoid anything computer related until later in life. Now I am enjoying building a few other business related sites.

    The CoffeeCup software is excellent for those of us who are busy trying to actually run a business while being able to increase our business with the wonderful programs that make it as easy as possible for us neophytes. The other users who are generous in their knowledge,and the great forums make me know I am spending my money wisely.
    Good stuff indeed!

    If you are in the Phoenix Metro area and need pool equipment work, give us a shout.

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