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If CC would build into its framework a class of div to be a Grid-Container, and have that as an option to insert and select in drop downs, it would be much easier to grab the right grid.
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great, inspiring work as always. Thank you for this!
A quick head's up, though, on the CodePen examples - the image URLs currently all have http as the protocol, which is causing content security issues when trying to view them (as CodePen is https only). So, a lot of the images are showing up as broken. Basically, this:

<img src="
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Forum Feature: Search Bar (posted as a separate thread but I guess it belongs here)
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CSS Grid: _Blank template. File New really SHOULD be blank, not have the ski project or there should be a proper "_blank" template in the themes selections. See my thread, again which should have been posted here. I dustbinned every item I could see and saved the project as a personal blank template, but I have no idea if there are settings which were changed to create the ski project... and which I'm now carrying by default.
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No keyboard shortcuts on a Windows app? Ok, this one you've got to be kidding... For the sake of an & sign so that I can &File &Save or &File Save &As...? I don't need a short cut for everything (a lot of other windows programmers do however like them more than me) but no File Save / Save As short cut? That's just... something to fix asap, please... Take about 5 minutes.
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Amen (to Bill below) - pin this thread

And while you're pinning this thread, maybe setup some "standard" topics that developers might be familiar with or expect: eg: bugs (impossible, I know, but still...), usability (like those & shortcuts for menus - they really should be there, windows 101), this forum suggestions (like the search bar).

BIll G wrote:
This should be a pinned thread, like in the other discussion groups. I didn't notice this until I separately posted a feature request thread. Mod, feel free to delete my posts.
    1. Grid Editor to be movable in the screen, and resizable. Right now, the Grid Editor covers up elements one might want to change and use a visual reference.
    2. A quick way to launching Grid Editor. For example, when selecting a text element, instead of remembering which container in the drop down is attached to the grid, have a dot or something, or a quick access button to the closest (or parent) grid of the selected element.
    3. Up/Down sections to get to the right grid. I have not got this far, but I can see how it will be useful when creating nested grids.
    4. A color-coded view of canvas, that matches colors in Grid Editor, and CUSTOMIZABLE COLORS.
    5. A separate Grid Editor window for the parent of the selected element.
    6. When resizing the canvas, keep the topmost element in place, so that when resizing to a smaller window, instead of on only pushing content down, and out of view, the canvas stays "anchored" on an element. This can go both ways too, top and bottom screen. Perhaps have a "resizing anchor" option at top of the screen
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Ms./Mr. Mather,
You seem to be interested in the Grid Editor. I don't know how many minutes you have spent with it, or in the CC forum for that matter. Can't have been much, obviously.

I have replied to your question about the search bar. You would have found it if you had been looking around a bit.
The same with the keyboard shortcuts in the Grid Editor. See attached, regular Windows shortcuts..

As to the blank template. We asked for that when the Grid Builder was launched, but Bob's answer was, that the CSS Grid system was quite new, and they had deliberately added a template with something on it so as to help the newbies to this system getting started. After a while some users did exactly what you did, deleted the contents and made their own blank template.
After yet another while we had this Site Designer being launched, and it has the Grid builder as an incorporated feature. So, since you found only two pages in this forum, and actually no recent discussions, it simply means that the users have started using Site Designer instead. Some of Bill's suggestions have been added there, and some others have become redundant.
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Its time for CSS Grid Builder Two. Remove all the frameworks because we don't want them. Time consuming and confusing and their days are numbered. The program will be easier to maintain, quicker to load, and you will have more time to add more targeted features for CSS Grid. You have the best Grid Layout Tool on the market hands down. Its easy to understand, powerful, and comes with all the right settings. Remove the picture tag because if I need to use it I will implement it myself. Its blocking the normal use of the <img> tag which I need to access for the ID, data-attributes, intersection observer, plugins etc. While you are at it remove out-of view too. I dont want any additional js stuff. I can do that myself. Remove the fallback toggle and as it was a good idea at the time, there is no need to worry about fallback as it just adds more confusion and I just want to design in the modern css grid world. I will give the fallback(s) Dino's a alert like most financial company's do now saying your browser is insecure and no longer supported or I will redirect to a simple landing page with contact info.

Everything is right there like it was in RSD 1.5 before things got mucked up with the framework additions. Do major "open code surgery" and come out with a brand new simple, fast loading program that just does Vanilla Css Grid barebones and lets get on with having fun with what is the real joy of Grid, designing the way it was meant to be "FUN".
Bootstrap 5 CSS Grid.
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Well done Twinstream, I couldn't agree more. With you 100%
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Twinstream wrote:
Do major "open code surgery" and come out with a brand new simple, fast loading program that just does Vanilla Css Grid barebones and lets get on with having fun with what is the real joy of Grid, designing the way it was meant to be "FUN".

I'm sure CC will be glad to do the major "open code surgery" when you pay for the development time. Sheesh!
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