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I have an existing website and would like to open it into CoffeeCup Visual Site designer but the only format available is .vnu. Is there any way to import my site into CoffeeCup for editing and updating without having to build it from scratch. I don't see any import feature.
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Oops! just answered my own question....opened the page using the Html Editor and then clicked on the Visual Editor tab and saved page from there after editing.So easy.......I used the CoffeeCup HTML Editor 2008, it is a separate program from the VSD....there is no way to import html pages into Visual Site Designer that I am aware of.
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where do you find the HTML editor?:/
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you can either download the trial version (under products) or use the free version here

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What a silly way for those of us that don't want to 'reinvent' the wheel. Keeps me from buying IMPORT feature. All other sofware vendors and even all webpages are in HTML format. VD6 should have a 'built in' import utility to bring in any webpage design...sorry. But my vote with my DOLLARS$$$$$ is no...until they fix it!
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You can import into the HTML Editor and then use teh visual editor tab to get much the same as what you want.

Try the trial version of the HTML Editor and see if it works like you want.
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Hi Lisa,
would it be easier for you, if you had the old template? If so what was the name if you remember. or would you know it if you saw it?

VSD is a wysiwyg where as html editor is and has more you can edit then just drop crop and drag where you want your objects. Um did I mention I have some old templates left :)

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Just to clarify:

With the HTML Editor you can import any existing website and edit it, either using the 'code mode', where you work with html, or in the 'visual mode', where you drag and drop the contents of your site.

The FREE Html Editor is a 'light version' of the same programme, but it has no visual mode. You can import sites into it, and edit them in the code mode.

With the Visual Site designer (VSD) you can create a site from scratch, using the drag and drop method. You cannot import sites into it.

All of these progs have a built-in FTP client for transferring the site to the internet.
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Hmm, Went ahead and paid for Visual Site Designer, Editor, and the rest from the package deal, and now find that VSD has no import feature!
Yeah, I can import into the html editor, so what! I want to work with VSD!

I want to import an existing website, then change it with a web design software.
Why pay for all this when I have to use an html editor?

Am unhappy.
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The name is representative of what it does VISUAL SITE DESIGNER

where as html edditor is an editor

if you contact cc via your support tab you will find them most helpful, however they do offer a FREE trial on all software to avoid this type of issue

Good luck, i am sure they will sort something for you

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