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Jared, GOLD STAR TO YOU! :cool:

That is perfect and there are no problems at all doing that. This is one of the big reasons we moved to HTML because it gives you almost unlimited ways to customize anything you like. So if we don't have the feature in the software yet, you can still implement it on your own.

We do however have plans for customizing the CAPTCHA box in the software though to give you a bit more control. That will come probably once the payment and multi-page forms are implemented.

Great work!
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Is it possible to have the button for the normal and hover state (when creating a custom button) be converted to the same image side by side. This is good CSS practice because you dont have that lag time when the button loads.

Also are we going to be able to adjust the style of the form any more? If we could round corners, or put backgrounds behind the field boxes that would be nice.
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Could coffeecup make the suggestion pages easier to read.
Why don't you have a separate web page for each Programs suggestions.
On this web page you could have a chart that has five columns.

3Will Add This Soon
4Will Add This In The Future
5We Will Never Add This

Suggestion: The ideal the customer wants added to the program.

Likes/+1: How many other customers would like this feature too.

The next two columns could have either a Check mark image or an anticipated release date.

The last column could have just an X mark

I don't know about everyone else but this would make it very easy for me to see everyone's suggestions and see what the likelihood of it becoming a reality.
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Here is my feedback, my apologies if any of this has been mentioned already.

1) The 'number' limit of 9. Too short, especially if used as a phone number field. (Which is also needed)
If International formats are an issue, allow us to create a template
eg: (nnn)-nnnn nnnn, or nn-nnnn-nnnn.

2) Inability to insert a drop down in the middle of a sentence.
ie We would {drop} attend your party.

3) No scripted response between elements. There should be an assumed natural progression, from top down. If an element excludes additional responses, we should be able to define a dependancy on the element above it. eg: If I say I cannot attend the above party, then I should be able to auto N/A or grey out selected following elements.

4) Require X options. There is a minimum, but no maximum. The option should be;
Require at least "?" options or a maximum of "?" options.

Thats all the problems I've hit so far.
Other than this, its a very smooth, clean form builder. Well done.
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So we looked into the radio button issue that would have a group without a selection, but this goes against the HTML specifications.

This is what w3c says about the radio buttons (

At all times, exactly one of the radio buttons in a set is checked. If none of the <INPUT> elements of a set of radio buttons specifies `CHECKED', then the user agent must check the first radio button of the set initially.

So not sure if this should be done, as the browser will select automatically the first input in the group (or is supposed to).
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Guy Regimbal wrote:
Jo Ann wrote:

Although that might work as for the "visual" part of the element, I think that would still not allow for the "required" setting for the element since it's already pre selected. This would still cause issues if you need it to be filled in and they don't as they wouldn't get an error message or warning message telling them they missed a field... I think?

If the element does not need to be selected, it would then be set to not required and would not cause a warning message if not selected.


I think you missed what I meant. In most cases a selection is usually required if you're using Radio buttons, so by putting a hidden "already selected" choice that users can't see, you are nullifying the "Required" setup as something is already checked even though it's not visible to the users. That make more sense?

In this way, it won't matter if you have it set to required or not because it still has a pre selected choice and even if it's set to Required, it won't ever give a warning message to the users if they don't choose something, because in reality something is already chosen.

Unless I misunderstood what you meant by the Hidden setup? That's possible too :)
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Is there going to be a number validation as a field, like for telephone numbers or anytime one just want numbers to be entered on that field only?
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How about allowing html code in the hints part, I wanted to add a link to my terms of use, and had to do it manually, of course, I'd have to do the same every time i update the form with the software. :P
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Scott Swedorski wrote:
We have not decided one way or another yet. I was just sharing what I have found when we started looking into this. Each time someone requests it, I log it into our system. If each person who wants this feature opens a support ticket for it, that will lend greater weight then here as I have something I can point to for our developers.

So there you go. ;)
I have no reply yet regarding my request (perhaps it was in the wrong place).

I am trying to find out if I can get an something like. ebay number (required) or OSticket number (required if no ebay number or other (perhaps phone number or email request) required if neither of the others apply.

But I cant see that it can be done in the latest webform builder so do I need to request it or is it logged??

Can we see what has been requested so we can say plus 1 for that suggestion etc.
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Here's my two centavos on the new form builder. I found that the old flash form builder was alot easier to customize. In particular, you could size it much smaller and had superior control over placement of the input fields. I really liked it. And in fact I ended up leaving it on my site instead of replacing it as I really am not happy with the new one. It's too darn big.

I created a form in the new program and was not nearly as pleased. I could not get the form to size smaller and after trying to make it smaller I found that the lack of control over the placement of the input fields made the form look totally convoluted. When I did get it to look "decent" it was way bigger than I wanted. There need s to be a way to decrease the height of the input field and better control of there placement. This one, not so much. IMHO.
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