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Steven Phillips wrote:
Ditto everything here. Would love to use it ... but:

1. Is it HTML5 (or Flash?)

2. Can it be placed on a page via a "custom html" widget - or must addional files be uploaded via FTP? If FTP, can the files be referenced from any server?

2. It would be a killer app if it had a user backend where site visitors could confirm attendance, add events etc - perhaps a one-click link to easily integrate with WAM.

3. URLs opening in new, full size new windows a must.

If you can answer via this Topic, I'm sure there are others who'd be interested in your answers and could then make a decision to buy now.

1. The finished calendars are powered by HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which means they’re search engine friendly and will work with any browser on any computer.

2. Files are loaded by FTP I believe.

2.2 This would be a great option, we have suggested they make a new program for this because a lot of people need one that way it is not limited to the calendar. :D

3. I do not use the software, but I would guess that since the code is HTML and CSS you should be able to edit the code so that it allows this to happen, and it is an easy fix, so do not get discouraged if you do not know coding... And if you do, then you know how easy it is. :P
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Thanks for that, SirAGE.

Do you know: once installed on the site, is the calander updated on-site - or does each new diary entry require another upload?
Steven Phillips
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That I can not answer... But someone else will be along with the answer you seek. :P
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Online Now

Updating is done on your pc and ftp'd. There's no back end support for users to interact with the calendar and submit their attendance at an event right now.:)
I can't hear what I'm looking at.
It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

This is a site I built for my work.(RSD)
This is a site I built for use in my job.(HTML Editor)
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Steven Phillips
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How about an option to change the date to day/month/year.
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Your calendar would be very useable if it had a rolling YEAR VIEW!!!

For several years now I've had to use Removed URL Advertising Other Software
Even google doesn't have a useable year view!

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This post is rather long. It has several bug reports and suggestions. I wanted to get all of my thoughts into one post.

Background: I use Rainlendar for my personal calendar. I am a partner in a tiny web development company. We use Joomla for almost everything and Coffee Cup HTML editor, paid version, for almost everything else. I am a programmer with a keen interest in internet calendar programs, from presentation down to the data standards. We use jEvents on a couple of our Joomla sites. My programming background includes making desktop software in VB and C#, a mix of corporate internal apps, freeware, and companion software for commercial hardware.

I downloaded the Trial version Saturday.

1. The Help file did not come up, instead it reported it could not find a PDF reader on my computer. I have the current version of Foxit installed and set as the default application for opening PDFs.

In my own programs, I use a Windows API call that asks Windows to "execute" the non-executable file. Windows uses the application registered as the default for files with that extension to attempt to open the file. I have been doing this in .NET since 2.0 came out but the API call at the root of this is in the Win32 call book. I first implemented this in 1995, I think.

In one application I wrote, I deviated from normal practice and used instead another API that allows me to call a program and supply a file name as an "argument". This allowed me to provide a feature to my clients, to be able to choose under Options the program they wanted to use with this type of file regardless of the setting in the operating system.

2. Syncing. I agree with the gentleman above me, syncing with Google Calendar is highly desired, not just Import. I would have bought this Calendar app today if it had the Syncing feature. If it had that feature, I could sync up with one or more calendars held in Google, overlay them, and present them with a theme of my choice. This is value added to the google service.

3. I liked your Add screens. I liked them better than I like using Google Calendar or Outlook.

4. I looked at an ics file generated by the program and it looked pretty good to me, but I intend to test it in various ways tomorrow. I may post again if there are any interesting results from my tests. The program might be useful to me for generating test calendars.

5. When an event begins in the evening and does not have a definite ending time, there is no provision for options in dealing with the display of the event. For example, if a club opens at 8 pm, but the close time depends on when people leave, it is tempting to "close" the event before midnight. Otherwise the event display straddles the line into the next day. Ideally, the user should be able to handle this case by entering the time, for example, 4 am, when the club absolutely will not admit anyone else, and this time will be displayed on the event details display, but then opt NOT to have the colorbar show the event across two days.

6. When an event is a convention, it will begin on a day and run for several days. There is no easy way to handle conventions. There is no interface at all for handling conventions.

Points 5 and 6 are partly a problem with the ICS standard.

Calendars in general are geared to handling business meetings, and the design of most I have seen is all about businesses. Yet nearly every non profit organization keeps a calendar, and their needs are still not being addressed in a complete and comprehensive way.

7. I think previous versions of this were in Flash. Am I correct? I despise Flash and have tried to avoid dealing with it these past two years. We just finished an effort to purge all Flash use from our web sites. Our clients are happier with html/javascript implementations. Supporting mobile users was becoming a larger headache with time. Error messages, failure to run at all on the iPhone, crashes, security issues, it all piles up until it costs us too much time, and too much money. Thank you so much for implementing without Flash!

8. I could not immediately determine the difference between the Trial version and the Paid version of the program. These differences should be clearly stated, in a Help menu item, or on the About screen, and on the top of every Tip that comes up. Nothing obnoxious, just a reminder of what version you are using and in brief, any limitations or differences there are between that version and the paid version. Also, as this trial gets older, it would be nice to know a newer version is available, and what advantages there are to upgrading to it.

9. Lastly, an option should be available from within the program to go to the web site and purchase a license. I think you are shorting yourselves an opportunity, there.

Best of luck with this one!

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Just to state, there are articles and messages throughout the site and forums that state that for the most part Almost every trial version is fully functional. There are at times a couple things that may not be available, but they are few and far between. Sometimes you'll find an advertisement for CoffeeCup in the trial versions output, but that's really about it. Most everything is fully functional and I'm pretty sure it's on the site in quite a few places (or used to be if it's not there now lol)
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Just got the Web Calendar and its nice and simple. :)

Got a couple ideas and i agree with Bill's idea of mouse over option.

1) How about a Width and Height adjustment and also smaller than 200 px (I altered the css to do this, but would be nice if it was done within the software)

2) Different options to grab attention on days with events, like maybe a blinking highlight on the day?

Bill wrote:

One of the other suggestions would be to have the event show up on a simple mouseover ...

Thanks again,

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