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Stonecherub wrote:
... first I put up a scaffolding using spacer-containers that have a single heading to hold text that I can use to keep track of things. ... Then I insert my components in the scaffolding. If one falls into another container at the second or third level, dragging it between two first-level spacers sets it right.

1. If I've understood the scaffold system correctly, I'm wondering whether a duplicated series of 'Heading 1' at the top level might work even more efficiently than spacer containers, as nothing could end up accidentally inside a Heading 1.
2. The manner in which one chooses to position elements may be influenced not only by personal preference, but also by the resolution of the screen on which one is working.
3. The new 'Collapse All Nodes' button at the foot of the Elements Tree helps a great deal for positioning at the top level in that tree. I find myself using that button a lot.


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