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Not much wrong here! You have made a very smart site indeed! (pun intended) :)
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That's a WOW site.
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poto wrote:
Hi All,
This is my first post, though I've been an avid reader for some years now.
I've been dabbling with CoffeeCup software from "Responsive Bootstrap Builder" to "Responsive Slide Designer" then "Responsive Site Designer" to what I have now "Site Designer V3.5 Build 2979"
It's been a slow and painful learning process, with lessons being learnt the hard way. But I've managed to create something I'm quite happy with.

I know there's probably loads of mistakes, so any comments are greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Paul

Hey Paul,

Overall very well designed and put together. This is very minor but if you wanted to improve on this layout more I would go through and add some padding to some of your sections. Add both top and bottom between the sections on the home page but for the content area near the center I would add some left and right padding to the container. I would also add just a little left and right padding to the header of your website as it is hugging the edge pretty closely.

I would maybe get a little better resolution images for the content slider on the home page and some of the secondary pages the images in the banner are a bit blurry, unless of course that was intentional then its just a matter of personal choice.

I also noticed that when you hover over the call now button it has a green color behind the purple. You may want to change that unless that was by design.

Other than that very good job. I love seeing the creativity being used.

Happy building!
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Let me introduce you with some pride (after more than a year of detuning):
The website is "running" with the CMS Impresspages. Working with the CC software was fun and simplified the implementation of the site into the CMS. Thanks CC!
The contents are not yet completely deposited, but that's just fun with Impresspages.
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Actually you´ll find my work here:
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