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Email you about a product from the product page.

This little bit of html can be added in you items detail (via the html button).
When a shopper clicks on the button it will email you with their comment or question on that product. :)

<! >
<! >
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Click Here to email about this item" onClick="parent.location=' in your shop'">

just amend the with your email address
and amend the item in your shop with the product description you want

Works as long as they have email software present on their PC, not webmail of course.

GreenRiverStudio wrote:

Hey I like this! Is there a way to get the subject to be relevant to the item? Say, use the product description or underlying item code?
That would be neat.
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Allow user to print the product page description.

Another quick bit of code. This will allow a shopper to print out the page of the product they are looking at.

Just add it to the items detail page text.

<A HREF="nojavascript...window.print()">Click to Print This Page</A>
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Adding favicons to your shop

How to add a favicon to a shop, posting here at Scott's suggestion

Locate the following file


after the line that reads

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />

insert the following

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" />

Upload back to the correct location, then upload a suitable favicon.ico file into the shop root

I found the this link elsewhere on your forums, it seems a good'un for generating Favicons -

Hope this is of use

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Landing Pages and use of Html Pages

I am not sure if anyone else has utilized this idea, but I thought I would throw it out there. I know a few of us out there have made the CCSC program more dynamic by adding html pages and linking them to the cart such as the landing page, etc. In doing this it has allowed us to add additional features like searching capabilities. by adding CCsearch to an html landing page and configuring the search crawling to include the shopping cart you can effectively create a search function for the shopping cart by embedding it in the html. Granted you can only have it on your html pages, but its a quick fix while waiting for the pro version to come out.

Thought I would share :D
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Preparing images for shopping cart

This message board really thrives on the good Karma by helping each other out.
My turn to contribute to the group.

I found this 5-star rated freeware when looking for watermarking my images. Lets you batch resize/watermark your images w/ a logo or text. For me, the preview button showing before & after, helps out tremendously...

He also has this one (freeware), with more features...

Becky Meredith wrote:
I use picasa to water mark my photos.
Becky - Nebraska, USA

Kim wrote:
I use photoshop. But HEY CHECK OUT Coffeecup PixConverter 4.0 - it watermarks and lets you resize and do a bunch of stuff to your images too. Visit and try the free trial.

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Open an image using the lightbox-colorbox from the product detail page

dave beall wrote:

It works just fine.. I don't have a store up on a server, but in my LocalToast wamp it works.
I could not get the preview to work attempting to link the image locally, but when I linked to one of my images on the net it worked fine.

In the 'html code' for the 'product detail page' add your link to the image anyway you want using class="colorbox" in the link.

--a text link to the image--
<a href="" class="colorbox">LOOK AT THIS</a>

--an image link to the image--
<a href="" class="colorbox"><img src="" /></a>

I got timed out

This would most probably work on any shopping page and could also be used on any web page if the css and js files are linked to the page, but I haven't played with that part---
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" href="" />
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

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Want bigger photos on your category pages?

Edit the default.css file in html editor with the below. I highly recommend that you make a back up copy of your original css file before you make any alterations. Note that the size 210px, looks the best so far.

Here is the line of code to look for:

#scs_productlist .scs_productlist_item .scs_thumbnail_image{width:100px;}

change to:

#scs_productlist .scs_productlist_item .scs_thumbnail_image{width:210px;}

Then you just upload the default.css file into the css folder. The css folder should be under where your shop files go.

The 210px seems to work the best for the thumbnails.
Here is a page of a shop I revised css code:

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Want your larger thumbnails to be only pictures and not white background?

Just make sure that when you upload your photos that you keep them square shaped. Example: 400pxl x 400pxl. This way when the thumbnail is generated it does not have to put a background on it to keep the portions correct so that the photo is not distorted.

Example: If the picture was square when uploaded look how the difference would be in the thumbnail.

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