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+1 For custom Mailchimp attributes (Paul Roark's suggestion). In my company, and I would assume many others, the person designing the email is not the same person sending it. Often, we will use the same template on multiple occasions, changing only one or two values. For instance, when promoting a monthly course we use a single template, and change only the course date each month.

Currently, having to open up RED, edit, re-export and re-upload to Mailchimp is tedious, and requires two people (designer who works with RED + sender who works with Mailchimp). Our Mailchimp person is not savvy enough to dig through the RED-generated HTML and perform the date change by hand.

Often, I will step in and perform these changes, but it would be ideal if we could define editable content areas for Mailchimp's template editor from within RED.
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Paul Roark wrote:
Could we have the ability to add additional custom attributes to the body, columns, and rows? Then we could make templates for email programs like mailchimp without editing the code after export. For example, you can add mc:edit="header_image" to make an editable header image in mailchimp. The same thing could be done with text, logos, columns, etc. The benefit of this is to make a template in RED and then change the content in the email program for each mailing.

This is the best suggestion so far I think. Indeed, when I sent mail to my theater group with mailchimp, the only thing I've to change is the content of the mail. Header image, footer and logo remain the same. Now I have to edit in RED, save and export and finally upload to mailchimp. In mailchimp I need to edit HTML created by RED manually to add the attributes "mc:edit=". This works, but for some reason, my images in my template disappeared in my template after adding these attributes. So please coffeecup team, take this as a top priority to add to RED. I use the coffeecup software for several years now, and I really like what you guys are doing! Add this suggestion to RED, and becomes even better!
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Hi guys,

I'm sure you guys are reading this forum and all new posts, but it would be nice if we could occasionally get a post explaining which requested features (if any) are coming to future builds. I'm not expecting a detailed product roadmap, as I understand that information is best kept confidential, but it would be nice to know we're not just being heard, but that action is being taken as well. :)
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Hi Nestor,

I promise you Coffeecup is listening. They often take things from the forums and work them into the applications if there is enough interest and suggestion is workable. That is the intent of setting up threads like these. If there is something you would like to see in the software just mention it in the appropriate forum. Who knows maybe one of your ideas is already in the works :D
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Nestor Diaz wrote:
Hi guys,

I'm sure you guys are reading this forum and all new posts, but it would be nice if we could occasionally get a post explaining which requested features (if any) are coming to future builds. I'm not expecting a detailed product roadmap, as I understand that information is best kept confidential, but it would be nice to know we're not just being heard, but that action is being taken as well. :)

We have that now. :P On most of our product pages there is a feature/comparison section. For RED you can find it here … comparison it gives you a look into what we are currently working on. While it does not list everything, it provides a look into the near future.
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"Embedding HTML5 Video in Email".

Please incorporate this functionality (Embedding HTML5 Video in Email
) into RED for Business. Because it coming our way and will be here before you know it so lets get ahead of that curve folks.
Here's more on the topic: … o_in_email

Thanks for listening,
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I'd love the ability to set the style for text on a row/column and also set the default style for a paragraph.
I use RED to generate templates and then merge our published news articles into the body and send them out to subscribers. In the template I have a paragraph with the merge field within it. When I perform the merge, none of the HTML <P> tags in the merged content inherit the styles.
So being able to set a default style in the email's css would be great.
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I've seen line heights get reduced in Outlook 2007 compared to the project file, and it probably does the same in 2012 and 2016. This hasn't been fixed yet? Space between the lines gets scrunched even with 1.7 set. Can you set some conditional CSS for Outlook 2007 and later (non IE 2003). Seems like this would not have too hard to fix.

Have you've addressed any issues with the Free Outlook Mail program is shipping with Windows 10?

Also have you've addressed the over sized social media icons in found with RED and

I've previewed this software for a few hours and have found a number of holes with various flavors of Outlook included web, desktop. I really expected RED's handing of Outlook 2007-2016, Outlook Mail Windows 10 and to be better than current. If bugs take a year to fix, this might be a large enough of a red flag (no pun) to look elsewhere.

Off topic but other things I've ran into today:
Had a few crashes that let to corrupt files. Had a file that no matter what you did, it would not output the style changes to HTML. I fixed it by moving the file and reopening it and RED allowed me to save it as a clean project and then styles could be changed again.

In order to get most of the flavors out Outlook to behave, I found myself making several 1-columns for each section of a test newsletter I was creating. Even then some elements did not align center properly in and had to try it again in RED.

Testing directly out of RED is great and we can use our same Email Server that we use to send out our Monthly Newsletters, so that is a plus. Handling of responsive images is over all very good (except for the enlarged social media icons found in emails),

Ran into Preheader text getting displayed along the left side of the email in black on This happens if usually when Outlook thinks the email is spam and then it will highlight areas like the button text color in Purple or horizontal lines will get highlighted in pink. It's very obnoxious when this happens.

I really hope your software deals will Outlook (all flavors after 2003) better in the near future.

If forget which Outlook did this, 2007, 2012 and/or 2016, but I have had 10px horz. lines get misaligned top to bottom when against images. Substituting text headers worked, but the come out at a smaller line height.

I really dislike the Word Engine MicroSoft insists on using in its desktop project and I am sure you guys do too.

Does the Business version of RED allow more than one file to be open. It would be nice to copy and paste elements from one design to another?
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It would be cool if the images that are uploaded via Email were be linked in RED for business to the relative path IE 'http://username' rather than the Amazon S3 unique path. This way it would be easy to swap out images on the fly without the URL changing every time an image was swapped out locally. I know this is possible manually in RED, but little odd how the software uses direct links to the images rather than the user's domain.

This way the user could change the graphic out and update all the emails that went out.. very handy incase of a spelling error on an image.

Again, I know this can be done manually, but if it did this automagically it would make the upload images so much cooler.
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The most useful addition for me would be some way to interject HTML/CSS, without having to leave the editor. Or, some way to flip back and forth between a WYSIWYG view and a code view (of, say, a particular paragraph, if not the entire page). Recent versions of SharePoint take this approach, and it's useful for me.

I know the whole point of products like RED is to take the coding out of things, and I appreciate that, but there are times when the ability to manipulate the HTML directly would solve many problems.

I know that I could take the RED output and modify it at will, but the RED output is highly optimized, so getting it back into human-readable form is often not worth the effort of the small modification I would like to make via code. Also, it's beyond the abilities of many end-users of RED.

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