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important lesson in penology -- "the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour"
== 'nuff said -- don't get your hopes up, just look at all the others neglected
as someone else has said there are other better apps from third parties now, so what's in it for CC to move forward with it -- "re-building broken fences with past purchasers"?????
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I'm giving RCS another go. I haven't yet mastered it, and so the issues may well be user issues :/ Still, there are notable bugs that could use an exterminator. I do like its design elements ease of use. One thing I might mention here though, it seems that when implementing a paragraph element, and entering to end one line of text and start another the app tends to create duplicate <b > code. Thus, when embedded and previewed in browser (Mozilla), it creates two blank entry lines between the text flow. Within RSD, I did go in and manually remove the additional <b /> codes, which seemed to solve the issue. Still, I'm not sure why RCS does this.
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Hi Matthew, this does sound like a bug. I would open a support ticket and attach your project file along with a detail list of how to exactly replicate the issue.
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