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Th issue is something going on with HostGator/EIG. I just had trouble connecting via FileZilla, something that had not happened before. However, once I connected and logged in, I could navigate wherever I needed to go. I then logged out from FileZilla and immediately logged in via Direct FTP. There was no problem logging in, but like before, I could only navigate 2 levels into the website before DFTP was unable to go any deeper. This is a WordPress website. I went from public_html to wp-content, and attempted to open the themes folder. No go. This is where DFTP loses the server connection. I can't even navigate back to the public_html directory. It's like the server no longer recognizes the FTP client.

This is a HostGator/EIG issue. HostGator tech support, once excellent, is nearly worthless and blames everything but themselves. I have contacted HostGator 3 times over this issue. After long, 30+ minute, wait times for both phone and Live Chat, they just tell me that everything checks out on their end. This is experience is typical of what happens to a hosting company after they are acquired by EIG. EIG moves the accounts to servers in Utah and cuts back on tech support. It happened with BlueHost and now Hostgator. I am going to request that the client change hosting companies to a non-EIG host. I have moved most of my own websites to Site5. DFTP works just fine on Site5, just like it used to work fine on HostGator.

BTW, I have the latest version of Direct FTP installed.
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There's always S-DRIVE too! You know CC will treat you right! And the best support around. Just ask Scott! :D:D
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The issue seems to have mysteriously corrected itself, just as it mysteriously started. I'm still thinking that it was something caused by the less than good hosting from HostGator/EIG (HostGator exists in name only). I had been getting by using FileZilla, with the WeBuilder editor linked to it. It's good to be able to do everything with one app. I have gotten spoiled by the syntax checking and bracket matching, though.
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I am having the same issue with HostGator and with both DirectFTP and Shopping Cart Creator (SCC) Pro. I have never had issues connecting and uploading files before until recently. It behaves like the FTP session times outs after a few files are uploaded. HostGator's solution was to use FileZilla which worked but was not really the solution I need for SCC Pro.I have to export and then manually select the files and directories to HostGator.
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Unfortunately I don't have an answer for you, but thought I would chime in that you definitely will want to have it working in SCCP otherwise the inventory control feature will not work.
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Hi Craig,

From my time in the forums I have seen this problem with HostGator come up a lot since the take over. You may want to move hosting providers. CC has an excellent S-Drive service that has been mentioned before. I would consider moving because to me customer support means more then cheap hosting especially when the problems start.
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