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When I try to upload updated website get error message - program not able to gain access to enter and read content of a catalog on the server try later
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Are you referring to the Free FTP, Direct FTP, or the FTP built-in to one of the CoffeeCup programs?
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The FTP in Vsd 5.9 or 6.0 with Network Solutions.

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I am having this trouble in VSD Version 6 Build 6.
Did you ever figure out a solution?
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I do not believe there has been. You should put a support ticket in about this.
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Yeah I have 5 pages of support ticket on this and they can get it to work on their end but I can not on mine. Tried everything from safe mode and up. I get the catalog error message and it will not go past log on in the test.
Most of the built in FTP modules work in say Flash Menu and Firestarter with the same log in. But it is not working in Editor 2010 and VSD V6 on my Win 7 64 Bit system.

It has trouble with the folder creation and we tried many things.
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I can upload my files great with standalone direct ftp, but when I try and upload from inside HTML editor, my computer hangs up.
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Check your settings Sammy, it could be you don't have them setup correctly?
Does it hang on connecting?
Does it upload anything at all or just hang at upload starting?
Are the softwares up to date?

Need a little more info ti know how to help :)
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OK, have the same problem, multi page site, it hangs on a random file somewhere, up pops an error box. I have noticed more in win 7 enterprise than other os.

Is there a log file somewhere in the VSD FTP feature?

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Not saying this is the solution, but I was having a similar problem.
Came to find out page title(s) in VSD can not have a slash "/" or a pipe "|" in them.
ie: page title | more title or page title / title again.


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