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Hello developers! They have a lot of work, and I bow my head to this power. Guys, I really want to buy your software, I even downloaded the trial version to figure out how to work on it. But there is a nuance, my weakness is in the knowledge of class attributes. How to write them and how to distinguish them to create different effects and the like. Do you have any manual on this issue, where all these attributes are painted, what for what and how it affects the content. So that I can figure them out and learn them over time
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Which Coffeecup app did you download to test-run it?
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Hi Ruslan.

A small search showed that you are coming from a drag-and-drop website builder.

You will have seen that CoffeeCup's website-building software is Site Designer or The HTML Editor.

To use The HTML Editor it is necessary to know, or to spend considerable time learning, about HTML5 and CSS programming. The guide for the program is at https://www.coffeecup.com/help/articles … art-guide/ , but it won't help with learning the programming just mentioned.

The guide for Site Designer is at https://tutorials.coffeecup.com/site-designer/ . Site Designer doesn't require learning the programming mentioned above (though some knowledge of it is helpful), but it isn't just drag-and-drop. Learning to use Site Designer may seem a bit difficult at first, but is far easier than starting to learn HTML5 and CSS programming from scratch with The HTML Editor.

These posts in these forums are almost exclusively by users of the above programs, helping each other, rather than by the programmers.


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