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Hi folks,
I am a Serif Webplus x8 die hard, but I have come to the point where I really need to find an alternative site designer but with responsive features. I am not very technical and Webplus was my GOD! it had everything I needed to get things done with ease, even graphics....anyhow moving on....

I am searching the web for an alternative which has those features and isn't too difficult to get my thick head around. I have been told Wordpress, but it seems a little daunting to me.

I would appreciate your input, comments, videos for newbies, all you can give me, to help me decide if this is the right software for me.

Thanks in advance.
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Try the free trials on the software and then when you have questions bring them here. If it is the inability to address google rankings with the old software you will probably have the same problem here. You did not mention whatsoever why you was leaving the old software so it would just be a leap of faith going to anything else.
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Hi Greg and thanks for your comment.
Basically Serif have abandoned the old software 'Webplus'. It was not responsive or adaptive in any way and was starting to age, so despite having thousands of dedicated followers and customers, they moved onto a different area and stopped making this software.
So I need something that is resopsive and adaptable to any platform and EASY to use, as i said i am not a techie and no good with programming.
So I need some basic beginners tuition videos on Site Designer so i can work from the ground up and see if I can get my head around it.
I have found a few on youtube but not quite helping....if anyone knows of other sources I would be grateful.

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Hi John, other than the Coffeecup you tube channel you may find some helpful information here:

You can always check back here and ask any questions you get stuck on.

Good luck
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