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I need to migrate from an existing application which is no longer supported. I manage a website with about 30 pages, and all of the bells and whistles which go with that. Can I migrate that web site to Coffee Cup, or do I need to try and rebuild it from scratch?
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It depends on which Coffeecup programme you are thinking of. There is the HTML Editor, which can open any html, css and php files, and then there is the new SD3 where you need to rebuild your site. The latter is now very much preferred, even though it is a bit hard getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, the rest is easy. You can of course copy/paste most of the contents from your old site, but the structure will have to be built from scratch. The good news is, however, that in these forums we are a 'congregation' of enthusiastic 'coffeecuppers', and you just have to ask, and we will come to your rescue if need be! :)
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Thanks for the instructions Inger, I was also confused whether to make the transition and how to proceed, your help is much appreciated.

Thanks :)
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Hi everyone. I am new here. Interesting post, thanks for the information :)

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