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Since I'm dependent on hubby's income at this time, I have to ask his permission to hop from hosing on Go Daddy to hosting on S-drive and I don't have the cost justification for my computer engineer husband yet to do this. I must say, I'm having a blast on VSD and need to get my priorities on finding the cost justifications to switch instead of creating stuff which I love to do.

I'm going to ask a bunch of questions:

I will be hosted by S-Drive with CoffeeCup free while in Beta testing, True?

When S-Drive comes out of Beta testing, what will be the cost for hosting a website?

How many pages can I play with? I gotta lot of art work to show off.

end of questions for you; now off to Go Daddy for their set.

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Hello all! My name is Todd Dougherty and I am relatively new to CC and the forums. I have been interested in web design and the internet ever since my first Commodore 64 that was hooked up to the TV. That led to a Tandy/Radio Shack pc, and on and on it goes.

My family and I have always been owned by Chinese Pug dogs, so we eventually started breeding and raising them in 1988. That led to our first web site at I can't even remember what I first started that with, but it ended up where I ultimately built it using Adobe GoLive. I am kinda proud of that site!

So once Dakotapugs was on autopilot, I drifted away from web design for several years until last year when I volunteered to do a web site for my church. Wow, what was I thinking??? I had been away from the latest in trends and technology, and now I volunteer to to a web site?? For church?? If any of you have been involved with anything to do with church work, you know that EVERYTHING has to go through a committee of some kind. From the domain name to the logo, to the font style, colors, photos, text content, etc...etc...etc. Enough said about that! :)

So anyhow, I found Coffee Cup again. I think i dabbled with CC back in the early days, but hadn't looked at it until the church site came up. I wanted something simple, yet professional, and something that perhaps someone else could help maintain after the bulk of the work was done. I found that in CC, and our new site can be seen at

It's still a work in progress, so please be patient. For one, I have much to learn about file compression to make it load faster, but I haven't gotten around to doing that yet. As of today's date, (2/18/11), I am REALLY struggling with Form Builder on two pages and need to hit the forums for help on that once I finish writing this. After that, it's on to Jukebox. I think that will be OK though.

I will say that for the most part, CC has been a blessing to me, even while the Form Builder is a curse at the moment!! The CC staff, particularly Orlando, have been very helpful, as have the countless people in the forums who have offered advice and tips. That is what keeps me coming back.

Thanks for all of your help. I am glad to be here!

Todd Dougherty

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Very elegant look to both sites, Todd. You have a future in web design. :)
CoffeeCup... Yeah, they are the best!

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Yes both sites look very nice Todd, good job, but....

Ya there's always a but lol

The pug site looks like it needs some real updating of the code. Although it does look very nice, tables are a thing of the past in layout design. Not that they are gone for good or shouldn't be used anymore, just that layout of the page is done using CSS now instead which is a much nicer and more controlled way to do your pages.

Other than that they look very nice :)

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I agree with Tom's comments - very nice look.

I like pugs too. When I was young my mother announced she'd be bringing a pug home - I said I would not accept a dog that looked like it had been tailgating a bus which braked suddenly - but I soon changed my mind and that night it slept on my bed.

My current site uses tables for layout but I'm redesigning it from the ground up with pure CSS - as Jo_Ann says and Tom will say too, it's better.
You get much more control and freedom of layout with CSS (though it IS harder to get to grips with and I have yet to get fully acquainted with all the intricacies).

I'm using
and … ixed-width
for inspiration - has anyone used this layout?

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Hey there,

I haven't visited the forum for a very long time, .was busy at a lot of other things.

I first created a site in 1998, the profile of my enterprise QM Informatique. Through the years, I built many other sites but one in particular is my favourite, it is dedicated to country music. It was first built in 2008 and this is when I started using CoffeeCup Software. One a year since then, I updated the site.

Last year there has been two main additions, a Tab Transposer and a link to a radio station. To respect the tradition of bringing something new each year, (if possible of course), The 2011 Edition contains a guitar classroom under the Guitar Shop section of «QM Country». It is very modest for now, it contains only 7 or 8 songs but, it will definitely grow up.

You are more than welcome to visit and leave your comments. The main page contains my enterprise profile in english, french or spanish language. There's also a section entitled «Hall Of Fame» and within it is «QM Country».

The CoffeeCup Software used to create these pages are:
Image Mapper, Web Jukebox, Web Video Player, Photo Gallery and Visual Site Designer

Of course I used many other software to achieve all this.

Hope you visit
Thanx for reading

Andre Pouliot
Quebec, Qc, Canada
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Hi QuBik!! Long time no see! Welcome back!

I see you have made changes to your Country site since we last spoke (must be at least 2 years ago). But I can't get the Hall of Fame link to work.
Ha en riktig god dag!
Inger, Norway
My new honey site, built with RFF:
Component sharing for RSD, RFF and RBB:

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Hi Inger,

You're right, must have been atleast two years.... time goes by boy o' boy
Never too late as they say ...

I removed the title «Hall Of Fame» to avoid confusion. You only have to click on «QM Country» to reach the site. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Take care
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Hi Inger....

Excellent suggestion.... I replaced the shining mailbox by an old looking one...

Thanx for your comments
Survival of the fittest

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The older one looks good! More 'in style' with the rest IMO :)
Ha en riktig god dag!
Inger, Norway
My new honey site, built with RFF:
Component sharing for RSD, RFF and RBB:

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