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Hi , I'm working on … ions.html. I can style the <hr> by itself, but if I add the class attribute .blue, it will not recognize the styles. Also it will recognize the width in percentage, but not the height. why would that be?

.blue {

<hr class="blue"/>
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After the word 'height' you need a colon, and at the end of the class .blue you need a '}'.
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If I understand correctly, you want a rectangle that goes from edge to edge that is 30px high? I would use a div instead and apply the sizes to that. Then you have access to the border properties as well. Correct your css and you are good to go.

<div class="blue></div>

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Both the above answers are, of course, correct.

The <hr> element has the slight advantage of being instantly recognisable when reading an .html file, and is pretty flexible when it comes to styling, as shown on the following pages:


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